Gokulashtami Utsavam at Thiruchanur and Tirumala


On August 10, 2012, Gokulashtmi was celebrated grandly at Sri Padmavathi Temple in Thiruchanur. Temple archagars performed Snapana Tirumanajanam to Lord Sri Krishnaswamy and His Consorts at Sri Krishna Swamy Mukha Mandapam. The following are some of the photographs taken during the day…

At Tirumala, on Gokulashtami, Sri Krishna Swamy and Rukhmini piratti had veedi purappadu in the evening. On August 11,¬†Utlotsavam was celebrated whereby Sri Malayappa Swamy and Sri Krishna Swamy were taken on a colourful pleasure ride along the four mada streets in the afternoon. The procession proceeded towards Pedda Jiyangar Mutt, Mahant Mutt, Chinna Jiyangar Mutt, Karnataka Chowltries, Varahaswamy temple, Hayagriva temple to Vahana Mandapam before entering to the temple. Asthanam has been performed at all the mutts and prasadams has been distributed to the devotees. Later Utlotsavam has been performed at three places in the temple premises in front of the Sri Malayappa Swamy and Sri Krishna Swamy where in enthusiastic youth took part in this festival. Finally, Nakshatra Arati and Maha Arati were rendered to them which marked the completion of the festival. The following are some of the related photographs taken today…



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