Tattva Trayam Kalakshepam By Appan Sri Parakala Embar Jeeyar Swamy, Sriperumbudur


Srimadh Paramahamsa Ithyaathi Appan Parakala Embar Jeeyar Swamy, Sriperumbudur is starting kalakshepam of Tattva Trayam of Pillai LOkaachariar (which is also called as kutti bhaashyam since it contains the essence of sri bhaashyam of Emperumaanaar) every Sunday starting today (July 29, 2012). Manavaala Mamunigal has done a detailed vyaakyaanam for this grantham without which it will be impossible to understand the intricacies of this grantham. The Jeeyar Swamy will explain the meanings in simple Tamil language so every one can understand this very deep subject. The lectures will happen during 4-5.30pm at Sriperumbudur Embar Jeeyar Mutt (located in the adjacent street of Adhi Kesava Perumal-Emperumaanaar sannidhi).

All are invited to attend the lectures and also take the opportunity to visit Emperumaanaar at his avathaara sthalam.

The Jeeyar Swamy is a very learned scholar in our sampradhaayam. In his purvaashramam, the swamy has heard grantha kalakshEpams under Sri U.Ve. Karappangaadu swamy and learnt our sampradhaaya arthams fully.

Courtesy: Sri Sarathy Thothathri

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