Thiruvaadipooram Utsavam at Mumbai Thirukkoils


Thiruvaadipooram was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Ahobila Mutt Temple, Mumbai from July 14 to 23, 2012. Navakalasa thirumanjanam took place for utsavar, ubhaya nachiyars and Andal yesterday (July 23, 2012) morning and Andal kalyanam in the evening.

For the morning thirumanjanam, please visit

The following are the related photographs and videos…

Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan

At Dombvili Sri Balaji Mandir also, Thiruvaadipooram was celebrated with Andal and Perumal purappadu and thirukalyanam. The following are some of the photographs taken yesterday….

On July 29, 2012 (Sunday), 81 Kalasa Thirumanjanam for utsavar Sri Balaji with ubhaya nachiyars, Sri Padmavati thayar and Sri Andal is scheduled to take place at 3.00pm. Bhaktas could participate to receive the blessings of piratti and perumal.

Courtesy: Dombvili Sri Balaji Mandir

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