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Vaishnavism eClass – Yathiraja Sahasra Jayanthi, 2017

A group of bhagavadas are conducting an online class of divya prabhandam and requests interested members to take part in it.  Already members are enjoying the pasurams through Internet at the comfort of their home, from different countries. This service is offered for free. You require Internet connection, Microsoft windows machine and speakers/ear phone. Invite you, your family and friends to join this effort.

Already we published in our site about this class’s goals and different slots, timings etc at

Now  having successfully completed teaching “Nithyanusandam”  for morning Panchajanyam slot  with in the said duration of one year, they are moving ahead with new theme Divyadesam Divyaprabandham. In this class, members learn paasurams by divya desam in sandhai style and much more.

Divyadesam Divyaprabandham eProject (DDeP) micro site :

12 Azhwaars sung 3700 paasurams about 108 divya desams. These divya desams are located at various locations across the country and Nepal. Divyadesam Divyaprabandham eProject micro site ( ) offers these information in interactive graphical manner explaining relationship among them. Also, several aspects are presented using map. As we progress “Journey So Far” will indicate our progress along with printable paasurams against the divyadesam. With HIS grace, this unique attempt, hope will bring to you a different dimension of the treasure named Divya Prabandham. These pages require flash plugin and some may require broadband to view the content as they are graphic rich.

Class Details are as follows:

Start Date: Mon 23-Jul-2012

Time: 9:50am to 10:50am IST Monday to Friday

Mode of learning: Online

Expected Duration: 5 years (Aligned to Swami Ramanuja’s Sahara Jayanthi, 2017)

Method: Sandhai, Paasurams by Divya Desam

eRegistration Form:

all class materials can be accessed by members  from

Can participate in vishnu sahasranaamam daily at 6:30pm IST without any registration.

If you are interested to join the effort, please send an email to

Vaishnavism eClass offers following :
a) Nityanusanthaanam (Sat and Sun 7pm IST) For other time zones click here
    Status Inline image 3 on
    Enrollment  Inline image 3  on
b) Divyadesam and Divyaprabandham (Mon-Fri 9:50am IST) Starting on 23-Jul-2012.  For other time zones click here
    Status  Inline image 3   on
    Enrollment  Inline image 3  on
c) Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam Paaraayanam (All days 6:30pm IST). For other time zones click here.
    Status  Inline image 3  on
    Enrollment not required
d) Vedam (Fri 7pm IST, Sun 10am IST) . For other time zones Friday Sunday
    Status  Inline image 3   on
    Enrollment  Inline image 3  on
(one can join, learn and enjoy one or more sessions as per their convenience )
This class is looking for members who are serious learners, regular, disciplined and continue till end. This is possible only when this is a priority.
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  1. I am very eager to join this group but am afraid that it is a tad too late. Is there a secondary group? Any suggestion/advice is welcome.

    Azhwar thiruvadigalE saranam,

    Ahalya Desikan


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