Mocking at Brahmins – When will it stop?


Letters to the Editor:

From a Anudinam Reader

After many decades of Tamil film industry mocking and degrading Brahmins in the films, now its the turn of TV channels to get into that sinful act, and to lead this defamation act is none other than Vijay TV.

After their successful sledding of Brahmins in last years dance program, now its time for them to use their singing program which was aired 10 days before to poke the Brahmins again.

In the name of Entertainment and jovialness, hurting ones practices and beliefs has become a common thing for the Film and TV industry – Do they care about others?

Who has given them the authority to do this? Or is it something that everyone in TamilNadu takes it for granted to mock the practices, beliefs and slang of the Brahmins Or are Brahmins soo tolerant or negligent to see them getting mocked.

In olden days, the King of any rule, used to protect the Brahmins and serve them, as the entire wealth and the happenings of his kingdom is based on the activities of the Brahmin. Let it be to bring rain or getting advised for war or what not, they consulted the Brahmins and their Vedic knowledge. But as everyone knows, gone are those days and past few decades has been particularly against our culture, due to the combined effort of soo called intellectual (ignorant and arrogant) politics.

This singing program in Vijay TV, starts with two buffoons (Comperes) trying to showoff as Brahmins in their attire and pejorative speech followed by introduction of the soo called judges of the program. These anti-cultural elements, seems to forget that there is some other judge who is evaluating all their actions. A famous singer and the compere buffoon has their wigs with Shikha/kudumi and they think, as if its a playing toy. Do they know the significance of Shikha/kudumi? Can they do a similar mockery of any other sect or religion for that matter? Do they dare to do it? Certainly not! These TV channels in the name of  reviving old culture and traditions mock at the Brahmin culture with their immature compering. Another beauty of this program is that of spoiling the young kids in the name of bringing out their talents.

Are we ourselves culprit ?

Who are those Brahmin ladies present during this show? Are they real Brahmins or actresses? My observation sees them as ladies from Brahmin families. If its true, are we ourselves degrading us and helping others degrade our community.  Can’t we realize that these westernized TV channels are trying to make money by selling our rich culture and heritage. Do these parents really care about their children’s future. Just providing them education and richness in wealth alone their duty? Don’t they mind transferring the age old traditions and heritage of ours, in an unpolluted way. In the name of open mindedness and modernism, are we ourselves spoiling what our ancestors has preserved for ages together and we ourselves becoming self-destructive! Are we ourselves motivating these just money minded channels to produce such programs, by showing our interest towards such unethical shows degrading Brahmin community. These TV channels deceive the parents by showing off that they are bring out the talent of their kids, but in this process heavy damage is done in various other aspects of those kids life!

These TV channels derive interest to broadcast cheap shows due to a part of the Brahmin community encouraging them by allowing their kids to participate in such shows.

How can these (Brahmin) ladies in that program see some anti-cultural elements mocking them and still enjoy it? Are these people from Alien land or from our own age old culture and traditions? Are we following double standards in the name of conservativeness and modern outlook?

Tambraas – Brahmin Association – Are they sleeping? Their website reads as follows: “In the everyday life of a Brahmin, Thambraas is playing a constructive role with a view to protect the interests of our community from all dimensions.” – Is it so? If yes, have you filed a defamation case against Vijay TV for airing such a program?

Just to increase their revenue, TRP and viewership rating these third-rated and cheap TV channels are ready to do anything, and they have already succeeded in the process of selling our values and traditions.

What Britishers couldn’t completely achieve in their 350 years of spoiling our traditions and culture, What the politics of Tamilnadu couldn’t completely achieve in the last 60 years, these TV channels had done it in just 15 years. Kudos to their destructive nature and the vulnerability of our own people.

By: JK

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    • Dear Swamin,
      First we have to clean our house.
      For the past thirty years I am watching below which are to be creeted by us first.
      1.We have lfet our asram&anustanam fully.
      2.Lot of brahmins started eating non veg& Drink.
      3.Cooking Onion is part of brahmin’s life today. Brahmin who don’t take onion & garlic are made mockery by thier relative& kin.( spouse)
      4.All brahmins want money only?
      5.OUr ladies& men forget what is panchakacham& madisar.
      6.There are ladies above 60 who has not undergone panchasamaskarm still they claim as srivaishnavas.

      • I agree… We are not living as Brahmins… We have our internal fights and issues to be sorted out first.. Do we have unity and do we follow dharma of a Brahmin, No…How many brahmins really show the mark… even a thiruman (or) thrineer on the forehead. We feel ashamed to have the mark itself, then why are we feeling ashamed of someone mocking at us. It is not only Vijay TV, Every channel has some program or other mocking not only Brahmins, but God in general… I think we need to first get our basics cleaned…

        • I totally agree with Rajagopalan swami. Most brahmins have left their agraharams. We can see lot of brahmins in Chennai but hardly anyone follow their Nityakrama. They are too busy making money and watching movies. I dont have any problem with the media


  1. As pointed out in the main article, if these TV channels cannot even dream of lampooning other communities, if they do so they will be soundly thrashed.If they have an iota of sense of justice or intellectual honesty,they should highlight contributions made by Brahmins to Tamil language,Tamil culture, at least stop mocking them.

  2. i strongly condemn such a serial being broadcast by vijay tv denigrating brahmin community. it is time to voice our protest through all sources. will they have guts to project
    other communities’ customs like this? in what way we are
    inferior to others? it seems they are undermining and exploiting our culture of being ‘tolerance’ which we are observing not because of any fear but to adhere to our tradition and customs. they should realise there is some limit for being ‘tolerance’ also and let better sense prevail in producing such programmes, in future. we should not tolerate for being a lauaghing point before viewers.

  3. @ Rajagopalan Swami,

    I too agree that lot of things has to be changed within our people, but that doesn’t mean free license for others to mock at us.

    Why Samasrayanam after 60? It should be done as early as possible when they are young.

  4. I totally agree with Rajagopalan swami. Most brahmins have left their agraharams and moved to big cities like Chennai and Banglore. We can see lot of brahmins in Chennai but hardly anyone follow their Nityakrama. They are too busy making money and watching movies. I dont have any problem with the media mocking brahmins because they deserve it. They should take this as a lesson and try to change their lives.

  5. I completely agree with Sri Muralidharan Swami . These TV channels dont spare any shows and use them to mock the brahmin community with their third rated cheap act . We should strongly oppose these cheap acts and voice out our opinion to further prevent the mockery of the Brahmin community . These Money minded TV channels try to accomplish their interests by cheap portrayal of the brahmin community . And Its is very true that we all must be active and voice our opinion against this .

    @Raj swami : Well it would be nice if more people try to follow srivaishnava principles . But leaving agraharams and getting settled in cities / abroad is depends on the person/family’s interest and that the entire community cannot be blamed for the same . There are still families who follow anushtanams despite of their relocation to cities .Just by seeing a handful of people , it is not proper to come to a conclusion that everyone doesnt perform their anushtanams . Busy making money or watching movies is upto the individual interests.

    Hence this being a problem / or not is upto you , but it is certainly a problem for the brahmin community because this kind of attitude encourages these TV channels to portray brahmins in poor light. If we ourselves point fingers at each other instead of helping each other know the importance of the sampradaic anushtanams , it is very easy and entertaining for these anti cultural elements to air more disgusting programs of this sort .

    Hence i dont feel that this is the right kind of comment that should appear in this situation which claims help for the brahmin community.

    • I dont fully get your point. You say ” But leaving agraharams and getting settled in cities / abroad is depends on the person/family’s interest and that the entire community cannot be blamed for the same…”

      You also say “Hence this being a problem / or not is upto you , but it is certainly a problem for the brahmin community because this kind of attitude encourages these TV channels to portray brahmins in poor light”.

      Are you saying that brahmins abandoning their tradition is a problem ? My point is that brahmins dont have to adopt to the modern / western way of living which is making people slaves to money and movies. We need to be proud of our culture and not be ashamed to follow it fully. And those who cannot follow or who are not interested, they should be exterminated from our community and should not be called brahmins. That will give a choice for people whether to be part of the community or leave the community.

  6. what is the use in writing within ourselves.We should protest directly by sending a postcard or email leave alone protesting by going in a group to vijaytv office.Our people have a great weakness when anyone shows them on tv.Either they show their ignorance or say things against ourselves inorder to show that they are so modern(?).They become a scapegoat.Our people should come to the streets and fight otherwise no use in writing on our wall.A Policeman once said that whenever a problem comes christians and muslims comes in nos but in Hindus only the person comes.this apply to our scenario also.
    A few months back the same tv in a talk show forced a girl to say sorry when she said that ‘she is proud to be a Brahmin’.None of us reacted.Is the channel has the guts to do the samething to others.And in anotherday the christian anchor asked the females Do you have the guts to remove the thirumangalyam.immediatley our people removed.After this some of my friends contacted the sponsor for the show who happens to be a hindu and protested.he immediatley contacted the anchor and made him to the solution is we should take directly.

  7. We together as true brahmins must totally boycott tv channels that are against our interests and rather devote our energy and time to our culture and tradition by strictly following what out forefathers preached. Once we stop watching idiots box and start doing kainkaryams to our great Lord He will protect our interest and our clan from any external forces more than anybody else.

  8. If Brahmins unitedly, selflessly and silently boycott participating in such programmes / such TV channels, the TV industry will certainly lose the talents and thereby learn to respect the feelings of Brahmin community.

  9. Proffessionally it was really good. But we brahmins have been riduculed. Due to our own betrayal of our own community. You can very well see that among the participants there could very well be some who could be ‘brahmins’ and not care a damn. We have been the ‘butt’ of so called ( bad ) jokes because of disloyalty amongst us and W E ARE T O BLAME. I agree with Gosakan.
    WHO IS To BELL the CAT ?

  10. I could not watch the show on tv for long as i could not tollerate the rubbish acts in the mame of a community.would they broadcast a show with muslim attair with such a bad taste.
    How come a highly watched channel fot Bhakthi thiruvizha,Arangan azhaikiraan,Bharathil Dharmam and Varuvan vittalan.can put up a rediculus show such as this.Th anuthinam should start a signature camphaine and send to zvijay Tv.

  11. Read through all the comments above. A blatant and disgraceful portrayal of the brahmins and their attire and sikhai mocking their words etc shows the channel in poor light amonng the general public, not only brahmins. Early morning programmes are so good and I am still watching it. This particular program was also very good till they began this absurdity. As rightly pointed out by many our brahmin community alone is taken for granted. Hope better sense will prevail and Vijay TV should henceforth stop this nonsense with an apology to the community for wounding their feelings.

  12. The brahmin community suffers such sly cultural mauling not only in TV channnels but also in the movies, Dramas and in politics too especially in Tamil Nadu. This is particularly owing to the sustained animosity and ill-will orchestrated by the so called Hindu rationalists towards the brahmin community holding them singularly responsible for all the injustice meted out towards the seemingly less privileged sects in Hindu community. Also, it is well known to all that brahmin community is highly fragmented due to internal squabbles among their own sub-sects. Brahmins never remain united as a community as they no longer hold vedas and Shastras as the common binding matrix. Their values of cultural heritage and life have changed in the negative direction and their image as a community that values education, ethics, morality and honesty has taken a severe beating. With all these inherent weakness exposed, the other Hindu communities who were hitherto holding brahmins in high esteem started ridiculing and abusing them with a vengeance while the misguided politicians in Tamil Nadu aggravated the scenario by calling the brahmins “Aryans” thus alienating this sect from the Dravidians. To make things worse, the brahmins of today are no longer living upholding the brahminic values. If only we mind our own values and live united upholding them, then we may hope to see a change in the minds of the mocking apes.

  13. we should join and protest unitedly. At least our feelings can be expressed and brought to the notice of Vijay T.v and the programme sponsors.At least in future such things will stop.I request the author of this letter to prepare a petition electronically and we will all sign in and send. I have no knowledge whether any legal action is possible against this.

  14. Dear Sir,

    The first and foremost mistake of brahmins is that we have stopped learning the vedas which is the main reason why we are suffering today. People have written many things out of which many things are impracticable.

    If we want to get out of these things the first thing which every brahmin family must do is that atleast one person from a family must be sent for studying the vedas. than automatically people will respect us. There is no doubt in this. Everything will change automatically and we should believe that it will change automatically.

    Today there is two things regarding these vedas and vedic scholars. There is nothing wrong in supporting the vedic scholars with money. It is our basic duty to help them. But this alone will not help. The best way to honour them is to study the vedas and propagation of the same which will ultimately help. Simply earning money in whatever way we wish and giving money to brahmins will not help.

    Another thing which we should do is that women should not be sent for work and it is their foremost duty to look after their family only. were our forefathers and ancestors not surviving by keeping their womenfolk at home. some people may say that this is not forward looking idea but like leavign the study of the vedas this is one of the gravest mistakes which we have done by sending our women for work.

    This was told by a wise person. one example i will give you here once people were of the opinion that if we go and see films we will be influenced by that and we should avoid them. But what have we done today instead of going and seeing films we ourselves have brought thsese films into our homes and i need not explain what havoc it is playing with our lives.

    Like these there are many things to be dealt with. We shoudl ponder over this. Here i would like to add one simple word. we are simply going after money like any other person and this does not necesarily differentiate a brahmin from others. Then naturally we have to face all these sorts of things.

    ONe other thing wheich can be seen from the comments is this. Everyone is pointing out whether these people have the guts to make a mockery of the persons from other community/religion. I do not know why should we compare with them. We should firt set ourselves right and authomatically we will get the power to overcome these things. These kind of things will not arise.


  15. Adiyen

    After seeing all the comments I would like to ask amongst ourselves certain questions.
    No. 1 In almost every brahmin family one has married another non-brahmin. This applies mainly to ladies of our families. Ladies are the pillars of our society. We should recognise this and give importance to them. My grandma was well versed in our knowledge and tradition and was reciting always sahasranama for the welfare of others. But now a days, due to external factors, outside of our tradition, the girls are lured and always interested in marrying outside of Brahmin community. They are not interested in marrying well educated veda adhyabagar. The money is the yard stick, so the girls dont want to have any risk materially. So, either marry US settled grooms or marry outside of brahmin community.

    Secondly, we call ourselves brahmins, but do things non-brahmanical. Take the case of Jews sect, They also have purohits, and maintain their tradition, of not taking food from others, etc., even in the case of Japanese they bring their own food or cook tea, etc., But we are the givers of these things to the entire world, what happens to us now is a sorry state. If you ask, they will say SAMADHARMA SAMUDHAAYAM. I am not criticising government policies, or politicians, but why you leave your tradition is the question here. Every Mcdonald chicken outlet has fifty percent of brahmin customers. Non brahmins friends tease us saying, the prices of mutton has gone up because of meat eating by brahmins.

    Thirdly, Poigai azhwars sayings will have to be remembered. He says, even if it is verbal chant always the name of the Lord. That will bring good things to you and to your family. We have forgotten this. If we have free time, either we see television or take up some book and immerse in it. (if the book is of spiritual one ok) We fight amongst ourselves over trivial things like how many times we should pay obeisance (sevippadhu) not willing to recognise non-brahmin devotees (bhagavathas), etc., We should avoid these things, and assemble as one unit.

    More will come


  16. Dear Sir,Denigrating Brahmins are going on for a long time.On Sunday morning in Vijay TV an Astrologer tells weekly forecast but he will use only Brahmin language as if all viewing the channel are Brahmins only.Not only in Vijay TV all TV channels denigrate Brahmins and their Tamil.The thing is all Brahmins exept few donot know Brahmin.But Brahmins should unite sinking their denominations.09.07.2012

  17. dear sir,

    If we stop watching those programmes and not participating in those programmes their trp will reduce and they will stop those practices. I have not seen that programme, so i can not comment.


  18. First up all we should not watch such programmes. Nowadays all TV channels programmes such as serials are very worst. Particularly in the evening at 6 pm either they are showing crying / deadbody seens only. In Vijay TV Agraharam Special super singer programme shows very bad impression with the public about Brahmins. If Vijay TV have guts to take Christian Special, Muslim Special in the same Super Singer programme and show it to public, then they will see that the channel will close once for all. Vijay TV management should think this in their mind and take programmes. This is a strong warning to them.

  19. @Varadharajan


    Agree with above comments. Past one year this class with HIS blessings render free online live divya prabandham and Vedam, though many have registered, only handful few are showing interest in learning regularly. This only shows the priority of ourselves over other things.

    Pray to the Lord that more show interest and prioritize to learn these.


    As few voiced, we need to focus on following aspects:
    a) Be united, stay focused on developing the culture and rich tradition
    b) Have priority to learn vedam and Divya prabandham ourself and encourage your younger generation.
    c) Follow our rich tradition yourself, your next generation would automatically do it.
    d) most important is that having these as priority over others.
    As we become stronger, and speak in one language, nobody… nobody will dare mock or criticism, instead they will start following us.
    We at vaishnavism eclass past one year, as a tiny contribution to our society with HIS blessings attempting to spread the divya prabandham and Vedam learning using online method for free. You can learn at leisure of your home. Most important factors are: a) as this takes time, have this as priority b) have dedication etc.
    Yes, we are unable to match to everyone’s time, but, sure that many have benefited, and encourage you and your family, relatives and friends to take a step forward in learning our treasure.
    Please note that this is not an advertisement or canvassing for the class. There is lots of effort going into this activity to make it interesting and easy, and most importantly not for material benefit, hence offered free. Just wanted to state there is an opportunity for us to utilise.

  21. Adiyen fully agrees with Rajagopalan Swamin. We need to clean our houses first. People only want money. There are very few couples in the current generation practising spiritual life. All those so called brahmins who are part of the Vijay TV show are but ignorant. They have no idea. Its very easy to influence such oniion eating people. Very truly many relatives make fun saying we don’t eat onion, poondu etc. Adiyen boldy says to all those people, after stopping Onion from my diet for past 5 years, adiyen could see so much change in my attitude. I am more calm and composed now. Adiyen can hear more about bhagavan and feel the difference.

  22. Being born in a Brahmin family does not make me a Brahmin as I have no knowledge of the Vedas, Shastras or Puranas. However, people who mock the true Brahmins will be severely punished by the lord. So, please do not worry about it. Our lord Sriman Narayana is watching everything!

  23. As Bhramin, we left all our basic Karma’s so we are like this.

    1. Learn Veda and Teach Veda
    2. We abandoned all the aghraharams and came to city
    3. We will go to hotel with all the bhramincal chinnams and sit with the other guy and speak his language and eat with him.
    4. I think most of the bhramins think we are in other three yugas and started eating Non-Veg and consuming Soma Pana as we did in other yuga as this is strictly prohibited in Kali Yuga
    5. A Bhramin should do Sandhyavandanam three times a day. How many percentage are doing this?
    6. A Bhramin should not cross the sea border, nowadays how many of them doing this? I am also satying in US, but ppl please dont give blame excuses that we are doing good things here. I can see lot of ppl coming to temple with Kacham and madisar but just think whether we do the same thing while we go to INDIA or when we stay at home.
    7. How of them who replied here will give their daughter to a boy who has “Shikai” and good Anushtanam even though he has good financial background.
    8. I know lot of them after marriage the girls ask the guys to forcibly take their Shikai

    The ratio is high as who left our duties, so naturally it will happen. First we will try to clean ourselves, then this is will go gradually.

    So we left all these basic things so actually they’ll definitely come on us, In other religions they don’t have these kind of restrictions so naturally there is no issues of these kind.

  24. First of all I feel all the Iyyengars following different mutts should learn to live the as real vaishnavite,i.e see god in everyone and stop teasing or commenting the followers of different mutts.Only when all the Iyyengars are united we would be able to raise our voice in public.With mental differences and attitudes we ll not be able to make noise,I pray to all our jeers to unite the Iyyengar community to form an iron pillar of Iyyengars.

  25. We have almost lost our Brahminical culture due to the invasion of western civilization and getting deteriorated day by day. There is a great unity required to build it up. Concepts of this culture has to be explained properly. The basis of our culture is “Ahimsa paramo dharmah”. We see animal slaughter house every where and mainly the Cow (Specifically the cows of Indian origin)have been killed. More than 20 species of cow varieties are extinct in India. Still organizations are searching to save the Tiger. This is utter foolishness In our culture Cow is worshipped like God. “Matarah sarvah bhutanam Gavah sarva sukha pradham” is the saying, whereas what is happening is totally against the Law of nature. In olden days a cow slaughter is strongly prohibited. Even the so called Moslem fanatic Aurangazeb did not allow cow slaughter during his days of rule. However, things have completely changed now.
    Secondly, There are certain organizations which take advantage of this situation and have started converting other caste people as brahamanas. This is against the principle of sastric injunctions.

    Therefore, there need to be a focussed effort to restore this great brahminical culture, so that the society at large is benefited.
    First step is cow protection. If cow is protected then the entire society is protected.

    Gaavam kanduyanam kuryaat
    Go grasam go pradakshinam
    Go su nityam prasaneshu
    Gopalopi prasidathi.

  26. Our community should take up the matter with the concerned TV Channels not to pursue it further and also to be warned against such actions anymore. In case if they don’t relent we may have to take up next course of action. Let us not discuss too much on this. Just because someone in Denmark made some blemish cartoon against Islam the whole Arab world started boycott the Danish butter .Similarly ,no one is dare to question when it comes to our community and also we have difference of opinion on all issues.Let us bury our differences and stand united when our community is being degraded. Also warn the TV by sending email protesting our concern and also producer of the program.

  27. Oh GOD save Brahmins – from this so called socialistic society, giving no preference to (Educated, Cultured, Respectable, Forgivness) are AVAILABLE only WITH BRAHMINS, being jealousy the other communities take their vengence on us (Brahimns) thru this Cheap Electronic Media, which reaches every ‘dirty mind’ – a so called DIRTIEST famous channel runs in every house in Tamilnadu. My friends views I read as above, we should not feel pity from this dirty society for they mock on us (Brahmins) as it is we are in KALIYUGAM, these uncultured people will repent and get punished in this Janma itself thru their own family sufferings. It is KALIYUGA DHARMA, where no SINNER can escape from their WRONG DOINGS. – Adiyen Mudumbai Raghavan

  28. Lets all come together and do 1.Anushtanam. Then 2.aacharam and 3.vairaghyam will fall in place. Such shows and politics will loose their place in life. Can the people that have read the article (including the writer) and post comments come to agreement on item no 1 first and incorporate the same in daily life first. Lets all do that for 1 year. Then we will talk.

  29. Lets first stop talking about the tv event, and start focusing on improving our culture. Learn our sampradhayam, divya prabandham and start service to Lord. As updated earlier, utilise the opportunity provided by vaishnavism eclass or anyone else to learn and practice. Most importantly be united, believe in all roads lead to Sriman Narayanan only.

  30. About 90% of Brahmin population is abroad.We are in sheer pursuance of rank materialism.There is no way to correct this cultural degradation.Learning of Prabandhams etc are only by old fellows who have taken VRS.Fortunately there is handful of pockets in india who take extreme interest in maintaining the anushtanams.Hats off to them.

  31. Such programmes really affect us. But what is the use of grumbling?Our vaishnavism is the best in the world. We know this because we are experiencing this in our day to day life. But others don’t know about this. They think if you have money then only you are on top. Our sampradayam teach us to be humble, not get carried away by money and so on.Saranagathy is nothing but oneness with God and shows the humbleness,to do away with ego. We have to protest such things by simply putting a case against them. Let us all remain united and carry on our tradition irresepective of what is happening in the world. This is after all kaliyuga. Such things are bound to happen.Let us all renain united.

  32. It hurts , is it not? Now what? We are not even are in a position to protest ? We have grown weak , right? We are dwindling in number. Because we are the first to through out weaker Bhagavathas from Brahmin clan. They were also reciting prabandhams side by side of Varna Brahmins. They were stripped off from their humble services. Now we cry for being less in number. We complain that ,there is no one to recite / learn Vedams & Tamizh marrai? It is OK , some times one clan will suffer , next moment the other will . History repeats.Let good times prevail.

  33. Namaskaram, I read all your comments, I felt better that at-least all the brahmins had the unity to show that they are feeling bad about this program. Our Dharma says that even if some one hates or disrespects us we should not hurt or talk/think ill about them. Even Brahmin’s feeling bad about an individual can leads to destruction, Reason being we are blessed with chanting the divine Vedas(the sound of Gods breath).

    Most of comments I could see that people had been blaming that no one does Sandhyavandanam or chanting Vedas (sorry to say ” with due respect to elders”), I suspect that these should have come from those who don’t perform these Karmas properly (I am 30 years old and believe i had the right to write this because I had been doing my nithyakarma properly till now with dedication(i miss to perform while at office, cannt help)). So you can be rest assure that there could be lot many people like me who have the commitment to do this job, this birth had given as a brahmin.

    Please instead of feeling that we nearing the end, start thinking positively and let all you children learn Vedas one hour a day instead of sending to some swimming or skating classes till your child had reached 25 years (it comes to 7300 hours for 20 years, lot many can be learnt).

    So let me get back to the topic, This is very wrong that the program organisers had not though how much it could hurt a community.

    Organizers next time do not make such mistakes (Blessing/ praying for you success in Version 4).

  34. “Brahmana, Kshtriya, Vaishya, Shudra (the four castes of Hindu society) is a thought born of illusion. Grihasta, Vanaprastha, Sannyasa (three of the four stages of life as defined by Hinduism) is an illusory thought. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew – is an illusory thought. Religion, tradition, customs, sect (or Path) – all these are illusory thoughts. Men who have been caught in the chains of this bondage are so much worried that they are unable to understand reality. All these bondages are not real; all of them are artificial, illusory, pertaining to thought, and fictitious. ”

    The day Indians unite without caste and race segregation is the day the country will rise. Till then it’s just a backwards country. The westerners will once again take over, Yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medical treatments, they are learning everything, documenting everything and teaching it to others.

  35. It is indeed very sad that the community that can and has been the guiding light for the rest of the society is being mocked like this. There are of course stereotypes to every community, but that doesn’t give a license to anyone to do this. It hurts me that a community that is by nature intellectual, peace-loving is treated like this.

    I am a non-brahmin and I spend a lot of time on anudinam because at heart I feel very close to Sri Vishnu and this site captures his splendor the best.

  36. What the hell is this??… When r u people gonna change?.. Till now we people are fighting like this.. Oh God please open the minds of these kind of people..


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