‘Controversial Syllabus’ about Sri Periyalwar and Thayar Sri Andal – Voice your opinion


All Aastikas are shocked to know that there is a Controversial publication about Sri Periyalwar and Thayar Sri Andal in one of the regular syllabus books of an University, as being understood from a Tamil daily.  We came to know about this through various News Papers that, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, Academic Council has included a short story by name ‘Nonbu’ that portrays Godess Thayar Sri Andal in a disrespectful manner. It seems that, Sri Periyalwar has also been portrayed in a defaming content.


When Anudinam team tried to reach the responsible person in the university, after a hectic way of finding their direct number, they were not reachable/not ready to answer and their PAs and assistants provide us with varied stories and information. One says that, it was published in the old version and not in the new version and the other employee has a different version which reads as, a panel is being set to analyze the fault in the book and will reported to the Law Secretary, since there is no Vice-Chancellor currently present in the university. Another one says that, University just compiles the book which has various chapters written by different authors and university is not responsible and the planning commission is responsible for any faults. Everyone wants to point fingers towards others, rather than presenting us the fact.

However, its our responsibility to voice against such acts, and an online petition is being opened in the following link and requesting readers to vote and voice through the petition and through comments section.
This news is already brought to the attention of CM cell, through numerous e-mails from many bhagavadas.



More updates awaited..


Latest Updates: (28th June 2012)

According to Sun TV news and other sources, the Objectionable Course Content has been removed after the intervention of Chief Minister. Thanks for the Aastikas who has mailed and supported this.

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  1. Sir, Such mischievous acts are to be cubed immediately. i suggest that the various vaishnavite mutts should bring it to the notice of the Chancellor of the university.The name of the magazine is not known. Since DINAMALAR is very popular and responsible in the south, the matter may be brought to the public notice thru, the newspaper

  2. It must be the handiwork of some vested interests in the university’s non-hindu staff. We must also condemn the issue of Brahmins being portrayed as laughing stock in programmes aired by Vijay TV – for example they have been conducting “Airtel super singer – Agraharam special”. Why agraharam ? Can they dare to portray a moulvi or pastor like this ? Hindus, especially Brahmins are third rate citizens in our so-called “secular” nation.

    • Vijay TV’s air “Agraharam Special” was uncalled for. Would it dare air similar programs on other communities? Equally it was pathetic to see self-proclaimed India’s leading voice expert Anant Vaidyanathan bragging about brahmin culture through “Agraharam Special”.

  3. I also spoke to PA to Vice Chancellor of the University today who is not responding properly. First we have to find out who wrote that note in that book NONBU and then file a compliant with a copy to Education Minister, CM Cell. Also take action against the University VC, Tamil Head of the Department by sending them to prison for publishing and close the University once for all.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I heard this objectionable content was in fact replaced by another story (on Goddess Saraswati!) by the same author whose name is Daniel Selvarajan. I request people who have access to this new story to find out if it has objectionable content as well. We need to find out who in the University decides on this content and write to them as well as the author of these stories. If someone has the postal address of either the person responsible for course content or the writer Daniel Selvarajan, please share so that the Hindu community can flood them with protest postcards.

    • Dear Mr.V.S.,
      As u asked to share daniel selvaraj’s address.Here it is D.Selvaraj,
      58,Panchu Malai Swamigal st,
      round road,
      Puthur Post,
      Dindigul ( TN) – 5.
      Ph : 0451 2433815 .Please also read Vijayabharatham(e-mail – vijayabharatham@gmail.com) issue dated 13/7 page no 6 – 9 for the full history behind this subject and about him.

  5. It is sad tht with such ease and nonchallant, such horrandous statement is made in the University subjects, especially in the one which is in Tamil Nadu and that too so close to Srivilliputtur. I would humbly beg the religious institutuions, like Ahobila Mutt, Andavan Ashram, and the Srivilliputtur vadakalai Desika sabha to take a united legal stand.

  6. Such concoted stories must be seriously condemned and people behind this must be severely penalised. Before publishing a textbook the expertise from people of relevant field should be sought.Textbooks are not meant to express a pervert’s idiotic/non-sensical opinions.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I am very much sad that the University of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University text book contains disparaging and denigrating matter about the revered sages of Vaishnavite Hindus is not new in our country.This type of depiction goes on for centuries for Hindus are also responsible for this for they seldom even stage protest march and if there is one we can count them.In contrast if anything like this is other religion there will be severe protest and violence.Let Hindus unitedly protest enmasse and that will alone have some effect.These people have no right to denigrate our Andaala and Periyalwar.Thank You.29.6.2012

  8. all asthikas must unite and fight. hoiw many of us bothered to go through the syllabus of our childern to know what is that they are reading? Please rest assured that behind every hindu problem there is christian hand. Behind selvaraj the author of the novel is hiding daniel selvaraj the criminal. those who are lawyers must now file criminal complainbts in poilce stations for hurting our religious sentiments, under IPO section 295.

  9. The so called rationalist writers pick on Hindu saints and deities without really doing any research simply because of the tolerance of this religion. They have no guts to write about their own origins and religions and such vain writers and authors should be dealt with sternly. Of course, they will however pay for their sins in due course which they don’t have any clue presently.

  10. I am shocked that Vijay TV’s Agraharam Special was even broadcast. It collected a bunch of songs which were already offensive to Brahmins, made more fun of Brahmin customs and traditions (wearing cartoonish long hair and talking in exaggerated Brahmin accent). On top of it, made kids do the singing, poisoning their minds at a young age. Will Vijay TV do any other “specials” on any other community? Why didn’t TAMBRAS or an other organization even protest this? Why are we taking this lying down?

  11. We can complain about the vijay tv at Indian Broadcast network for this objectionable program. They have to apologize for this irritating Program. We have to condemn this very very strongly so that No other television should insult one’s religious belief.
    Since I am in US, I dont know the contact but I heard that VIjay TV itself has a scrolling message for any objectionable program telecasted in their channel..

  12. The RSS Magazine VijayaBharatham have raised their objections in their 35/7 th issue. But Nrisimha Priya Sri Renganatha Paduka are silent on this. Why? I presume that they are not reading newspapers watching T.V programmesetc

    • Why should Nrisimha Priya and Sri Renganatha Paduka even honor these lowly creatures with a response? There are better things they would rather do!
      Your attack on these publications isn’t justified!


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