Navagraham in SriVaishnavam


Sri Vaishnavas never considers Nava grahas as moorthies to be worshiped. They surely respects them, and there is no doubt about that. But never worships them. They worships only Srimannarayana for all their requirements and that is all (Saranagathi/prapatti). Nava Grahas serve to Lord SrimanNarayana always. And they take the dust of the Srivaishnava devotees to their head. This can be read from the sloka of Lord Venkateswara’s Suprabhabhatam :

SuryEndhu Bhouma Budha Vaakpati Kaavya souri
SvarbhAnu kEtu dvishat parishat pradhAnaa:
tvadhAsa dAsa charamAvati dhAsa dhAsA:
SrI VenkatAchalapatE ! Tava SuprabhAtam

Meaning : The main deities of the Assembly of Gods ,the (nine planets)- Sun(surya) , Moon(indhu), Mars (bhOma/Angaraka), Mercury(Budha), Jupiter(vaakpati/Brhaspati), Venus(Sukra), Saturn(Sani), Rahu and Ketu – remain (happy) to be the servants of the last grade of servants of the servants of Thy (Lord’s) servant -(They remain most obedient to Thee.) Lord of Venkatachala! May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee!

Azhwars sang in praise of Lord Maha Vishnu only and not on any Navagraha. (Where as Kolaru Pathigam was composed by Thirugnyaana Sambandhar and thus Sivan temples have Navagraha Sannithis.)

Vishnu temples are constructed based on Vaikanasa and Pancharatra Agamas. Navagraha shrine inside a Vishnu temple is not provided in these Agamas.

Lord Vishnu appears in this world through different grahas to bestow on living beings the results of their karmas or action. Says brihat parasara hora sastra (chapter 2, 3rd verses)

अवताराण्यनेकानि ह्यजस्य परमात्मनः।

जीवानां कर्मफलदो ग्रहरूपी जनार्दनः॥

[Among 18 sages like surya,brahma,vasista,parasara,kashyapa etc, the creators of astrology, the sage parasara is only one whose voluminous work Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra is available today and recognised by all]

Each of these grahas are having one incarnation of Lord as their in-dweller. So if one worships that avathara, the particular graham santhi is done and planets associated with them is given in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, chapter 2, verses 5-7

रामोऽवतारः सूर्यस्य चन्द्रस्य यदुनायकः ।

नृसिंहो भूमिपुत्रस्य बुद्धः सोमसुतस्य च॥

वामनो विबुधेज्यस्य भार्गवो भर्गवस्य च ।

कूर्मो भास्करपुत्रस्य सैंहिकेयस्य सूकरः ॥

केतोर्मीनावतारश्च ये चान्ये तेऽपि खेटजाः ।

परात्मांशोऽधिको येषु ते सर्वे खेचराभिधाः ॥

Here are the details:

  • Surya – Rama Incarnation , so you can worship in any Rama temple for that santhi.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  RAMACHANDRAYA
  • chandra – Krishna is indweller, so you can offer your pujas to Krishna in any temple.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  VASUDEVAYA
  • Kuja – Nrusimha incarnation, you can offer your prayers there.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  NARASIMHAYA
  • budha – budha also  signifies  Vishnu,  it  is  recommended to worship Lord Vishnu directly.(some quote as kalki and suggest Lord Venkateswara as Kalow Venkatanayakaha).   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  VASUDEVAYA
  • Bruhaspathi – Sri Vamana incarnation, you can choose a Vamana’s temple.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  TRIVIKRAMAYA
  • Sukra – Parasurama incarnation is indweller. It is not recommended by the parampara to use the name/worship ‘Parashurama’ directly. So you can worship goddess Lakshmi and can chant   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  HRISHIKESHAYA
  • Sani – Kurma Incarnation. You have only one temple in Andhra Pradesh in Srikakulam Dist., Srikurmam is the place.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  AKUPARAYA
  • Rahu – Varaha incarnation, You can have the pujas there with Him.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  SHRIVARAHAYA
  • Kethu – Mathsya incarnation. You can worship Him for that santhi.   NAMO  BHAGAVATE  MAHAMATSYAYA

Apart from the above there are many of the Vaishnava temples are also associated with nava graha parihara sthalam

Following is the list of temples located around Kumbakonam and Tanjavur that are associated with these grahas

  • Sun (suryan) : Sri Sarangapani temple (Thirukudanthai-Kumbakonam)
  • Moon (chandran): Sri Naadan Kovil (Thirunandipura vinnagaram)
  • Mars (sevvai): Nachiyaar Kovil (Thirunaraiyur)
  • Mercury (budan): Valvil Ramar Kovil (Thirupullamboothangudi)
  • Jupiter(guru): Andallakummaiyyan (Thiruaadhanoor)
  • Venus (shukran): Kolavilli Ramar kovil (Thiruvelliyankudi)
  • Saturn (sani) : Oppiliappan Kovil (Thiruvinnagaram)
  • Dragon’s tail (rahu): Gajendra Varadan kovil (Thirukavithalam)
  • Dragon’s head (kethu): Jagat Rakshakan kovil (Thirukudaloor)

Following is the list of temples located near Tirunelveli that are associated with these grahas

Sun (suryan) : Sri Vaikuntha natha perumal (Srivaikundam)
Moon (chandran): Sri Vijayaasana perumal temple (Thiru Varagunamangai)
Mars (sevvai): Sri Vaaitha Maanitha perumal temple (Thirukolur)
Mercury (budan): Sri Kaisana vendhar perumal temple (Thirupulingudi)
Jupiter(guru): Sri Aadinathar temple (Alwar Thirunagari)
Venus (shukran): Sri Makara Nedunkuzhaikkadan perumal temple (Ten Tirupperai)
Saturn (sani) : Srinivasa perumal temple, Perungulam
Dragon’s tail (rahu): Sri Aravinda Lochanar perumal temple (Erattai Tirupathi)
Dragon’s head (kethu): Sri Devapiran perumal temple (Erattai Tirupathi)

Apart from above stalam there are many more divyadevasams which associated with different grahas.

Srirangam, first of all divyadesam is considered as sukra Kshetram. For delayed marriage, difficulty in married life with life partner or misunderstandings between couples, to get all comforts in life, a visit to Srirangam and offer prayers to Lord sriranganathar and sriranganayaki thayar on Friday is good as it removes Sukra dosham.

Jupiter(guru) is connected to Kanchi and Sri Varadar (Varadharaja swamy of Athigiri Kshetram – Kanchipuram known also as Kancheevaram) sthalam. Those who want to get the grace of Guru must visit Kanchipuram (Kanjeevaram) on Thursday and surrender to their Acharyar for his divine blessings.

Lord Srinivasar of Tirumala is associated with Sani Graha. Those horoscopes afflicted by Sun-Sani Mutual aspect, if Sani is adverse to Lagna, and  not well placed with Sani Dasa running, a visit to Tirumala on Saturday preferably in Purattasi and on kaisika Dvadasi day to worship Ugra Srinivasar with Prayaga Chakra in hand with his consorts when he is taken out on procession before Sun rise in wee hours would help them overcome difficulties. (some also opine that Lord srinivasa is also associated with moon(chandran), so can pray him on Mondays to get rid of effects of afflicted moon)

Thirumalirumcholai is considered as the kshetram of chandran. This Kshetram itself is the Sthalam for chandran to worship and do pariharams.Those worship lord azhagar will feel the happiness as lord Krishna enters in their mind and will grace them.

Srivilliputtur – Sthalam for chevvai (kujan / mars). This kshetram is Chevvai Parihaara sthalam. Also Thiruvellikeni Sri Parthasarathy perumal Kovil is also said to be Angaraka Sthalam.

Thirukkannapuram Sri Sowriraaja Perumal is worshiped by those who has afflicted mercury(budhan) in their horoscopes.

Melkote ThiruNarayana Perumal is associated with Kethu graham and its pariharam.

Thiruchenkunoor, Thirukkadittaanam, Thiruppuliyur, Thiruvaaranvilai, Thiruvanvandur, Thiruvanantapuram of malanaadu divyadesams can be associated as rahu-kethu sthalams

Thiru Sirupuliyur temple is of special significance for relief from Naaga Dosha and Kaala Sarpa Dosha

Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple, Sriperumbudur –   Those facing adverse aspects of Rahu and Ketu planets and those facing delays in marriage due to Kalasarpa dosha in whose horoscopes, pray here for relief. Swami Ramanujar represents the divine serpent Adisesha, those afflicted by the adverse effects of the snake planets Rahu-Kethu and facing Kalasarpa effects , worship here for relief.  They spill the water of the Ananthasaras theertha on their head, perform Kshira(milk) abishek to Sri Ramanuja and light ghee lamps.

Thiruvidanthai Nithya Kalyana Perumal no doubt varaprasadi for unmarried people and so was the Uraiyur sthalam

Naachiyaar Koyil  Tirunaraiyur Nambi in the Kalyana kolam with Vanchulavalli Thayar is also parihara stalam for Unmarried and also Kal Garudan seen with nine serpents is believed to have the powers to remove the Navagraha Dosham.

Thiruchireevaramangai(Vanamaamalai) , Thirupputkuzhi are must visit places for childless couples

Thiruvallur VaidhyaVerraraghava Perumal , as his name says cures any health problems.

Thirukadigai (Sholingar) Yoga Narasimha swamy,cure all mental illness

Thiruvahendrapuram Hayagreevar , who removes all obstacle in education.

The above are just a drop of information in big Ocean.

So, we can just recite Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram regularly for all nava grahas as it includes Lord’s all avatharas. We can also recite Dasavatara Sthothram.

In one of the article V.Sadagopan swamy guides us to recitate the 749th slokam (given below) of Sri RanganAtha PaadukA Sahasram which will result in Navagraha DevatA PrasAdam.

Also swamy say to follow any one of the below things for bhakthAs seeking progeny who have Sarpa DhOsham to be blessed with SanthAna PrApthi at the right stage in their lives:

  • (1) Go to one’s AchAryan and pray to Him for Phala ManthrAkshathai for SanthAna PrApthi after performing Sethu SnAnam
  • (2) Go to SrI RanganAthA’s Sannidhi at SrIrangam and recite the 10 slOkams of Sesha Paddhathi for a MaNDalam and receive Periya perumAL’s and ThAyAr’s SaThAri, Theertham every day with one’s wife.

A similar PaarAyaNam can also be done before Lord DevanAthan at the dhivya desam of ThiruvahIndhrapuram. ( Lord DevanAthan chose the name of ThiruvahIndhrapuram (AdhisEshapuram) for His dhivya desam in recognition of the great Kaimkaryam done by AdhisEshan here for Him.)

NaaL yenna seyyum kOL yenna seyyum Yennappan ThALL paRRinARkku.

meaning: What troubles can the nakashathrams, Thithis and Grahams cause for one, who attaches Himself firmly & solely to the Feet of the Lord and the SaThAri there?

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  1. The article gives very good information on the Navagrahas and Srivaishanavas. It is rightly said that who worships only Lord Narayana need not worry about graha devathas.
    However with regard to your observation about Navagrahas sannidhis in Sri Vishnu temples, I think there is one exception with regard to the temple of Sri Kudalazhagar Temple InMadurai. To my memory (as Ihad visited long back) I think there is “navagrahas “sannidhi.
    However reciting Sri Desika’s Paduka sahasra (the particular sloka relating to Navagrahas), it will relieve all the Graha doshas. Thnks.

  2. Bhargava Nrisimha lords over Sun,
    Karanja Nrisimha lords over Moon,
    Jwala Nrisimha lords over Mars,
    Pavana Nrisimha lords over Mercury,
    Ahobila Nrisimha lords over Jupiter,
    Malola Nrisimha lords over Venus,
    Yogananda Nrisimha lords over Saturn,
    Varaha (Kroda) Nrisimha lords over Rahu, and
    Kshatravata Nrisimha lords over Ketu.

  3. From sloka 749 of The Paduka Sahasram
    kanakaruchirA kAvyAKhyAthA shanaIscharaNOchithA
    shrithagurubuDhA BhAsvadhrUpa dhvijADhipasEvithA
    vihithaviBhavA nithyam viShNO: padhE maNipAdhukE!
    thvamasi mahathI vishvEShAm na: shuBhA grahamaNda lI

    The overall meaning is that ‘…as a result of all the above mentioned auspiciousness, Lord Sriman Narayana’s Sacred Sandals ward off the inauspiciousness caused by the Nine Planets and confer auspiciousness on those who seek The Sacred Sandal’s protection’.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Chozhanadu contains 40 divyadesams and most of the divyadesams are in the midst of green fields.Nowadays due to anavridhti or lesser rains some may not look that much green but all these divya desams are very big and wonderful and we have to appreciate our ancestors bhakthi devotion etc.
    Mon.02.07.2012 Thank You S.Raghunathan

  5. we learnt about a reference in Bhavishyotarapurana about a lakshmi nrisimha temple at a place called Rakshobhuwan worshipped by shani bhagawan with stotram which is meant to help shani peeda pariharartam. we will be interested to know more details about location if available with anybody.

  6. adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan ! humble obeisances ! request the author and administrator to include the nava-graha-mantrAs with proper mAtrAs. (eithe itrAns or roman like used by iskcon)

  7. Dear Sir/madam,
    Can some one pl tell me the parihara kshetram which will get me a job, I’ve been searching a job since June 2015 and yet to get one.
    Can some one pl guide me.
    I am having a very very tough time.



    • Dear Srinivas
      This has reference to your problem cited above
      and pariharam for it to get a suitable job.

      Please visit the punya kshetram of Sri.Laksmi Narasimhar at Velachery, Chennai and place Ghee Dheepam in the sannidhi on
      saturdays ( either morning or evening) for 24 saturdays.
      THe Lord the most bounteous will answer your prayer.


  8. Dear Editor

    Kindly bring to the notice of general arahpublic ennai-Kattavakkam Sri Lakshmi a)Narasimhartemple located on the Mudichur-Kanchipuram road (chennai-Tambaram-Mudichur-Kattavakkam), a glorious Navagraha Parihara sthalam.

  9. Jai Srimannarayana, truly wonderful information. Sir kindly suggest specific (if any) stotra to ward of bad planetary time and abhichara prayoga. i lost job, money,serious illness to wife and huge debts and some events causing worry which i am unable to mention here, black cat dying in the compound two days later dog dying these are not pets.
    will greatly be obliged if you can help us overcome from these problems. i can only offer prayers to the Supreme God.

  10. Dear All,

    worship Great Vishnu Devotee Jai Hanuman speedy recovery from all Graha Doshas in Kaliyuga.

    Panchamukha Hanuman has Five faces.

    Hanuman – Sani

    Varaha – Rahu

    Narasimha – Guja

    Hayagreeva – Budha and Guru

    Vishnu Sashranamam is powerful remedy for all type of Graha Doshas given by Parasara himself.

    None equal to Vishnu. Donot equate anything with Vishnu.

    Jai SriRam Jai Hanuman

  11. I am told that I have naga dosham in my horoscope and due to that i have some issues in my marriage life. Can someone please suggest a slokam or pariharam to do in any of the Vaishnava sthalams

  12. Sir we are planning to install Navgrahas in Sree Lakshmi Chenna kesava temple (very old one fish Era dynasty) compound in our village . Shall we go ahead ,whether it is good sign or bad sign

    Kindly inform and clear my doubt very soon Thanking You 09849757164

  13. This Article is in peak of perfection for Srivaishnavite followers who slip from our tradition due to Navagraha Dosha and shanti and get carried away by it .
    For such people this article is a blessing in disguise. Else we may fall prey to chanting Slokas which are not in our Srivaishnavite philosophy. A big thumbs up .


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