Dolai Kannan Grand Sancharam Across USA – 2012


For the past many years, Krishna bhakthAs in west coast have been requesting to host Sri Navaneetha Krishna of Sri Ahobila Muth, USA in their homes. Dolai Kannan had accepted their request to visit cities across the USA in 2010 and bless HIS bhakthAs who have been eagerly waiting for a long time after HIS first trip to west coast about seven years back.

This year, with the blessings of Srimad Azhagiyasingars, our purvAchAryAs, Sri MAlOlan and Sri Kannan, unique sancharam across the USA covering covering thousands of miles and visiting several cities along the way including Indianapolis, Chicago, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Bay area, Los Angeles, Denver, Kansas City, Atlanta and others beginning May 26th through August 2012 is on its way.

In accordance with the unique traditions of Sri Matam, our Dolai Kannan and his parivaaram, will be traveling by road and will stop in several cities along the way for nithya aaradhanam (morning and evening).

As most of you are aware, prathishtai for this perumAL was performed in Ahobilam in 2001 and ArAdhanai was performed for this perumAL along with Sri MalOlan and the original Navaneetha Krishnar of Ahobila matam in India for about two weeks in Thirupathi and Triplicane by 45th Shrimad Azhagiyasingar and other Sri Matam arAdhakars. Similarly, prathishtai for AzhwArs and AchAryAs was done in AhObilam in 2008 and they have been accompanying DOlai Kannan in US since then.

Photos Thanks to: Shri Raja Krishnasamy

Some of the photos taken during Seattle Sancharam can be viewed below: (Click on the first image to view its as a slide show)

View Sri Dolai Kannan Sancharam USA 2012 in a larger map

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