Sirupuliyur Sri Krupa Samudra Perumal Temple Samprokshanam Starts


Maha samprokshanam is scheduled to take place at Sirupuliyur Sri Krupa Samudra Perumal Temple from June 18 to 21, 2012. The following is the patrigai for the same…


A divya desam, whose legend dates back to Garuda Puranam, where one finds reference to the battle of words between Adisesha and Garuda, the Lord’s vehicle, as to who played a more important role in their service to Lord Vishnu.

Seeking a solution to their argument, the two arrived at Sirupuliyur and finally looked up to the Lord himself for his opinion. Finding Garuda a little arrogant in his argument, Lord Vishnu, who appeared as Kripasamudran, went in favour of Adisesha. Fearing an angry reaction from the bird, Adisesha looked for protection and was asked by Lord Kripasamudran to coil himself and lie under him. Unhappy with the decision going against him, it is believed that Garuda decided not to fly over this place. Another story goes that the aged Rishi Vyaakrapadha undertook penance at Chidambaram invoking the blessings of Lord Nataraja for attaining moksham. The rishi was directed to go westwards to Srirangam as Lord Ranganatha was the one equipped with the power to grant Moksham.

Owing to his poor eye sight, the rishi lost his way, went southward and reached Kripa Samudiram. Unable to walk any further, he sat in penance at Sirupuliyur. The Lord appeared in his full sayana posture like the one in Srirangam. Since the sage was not able to take in the big form with his feeble eye sight, He appeared in the form of a child – Baala Sayana.

Azhwar surprised

When Thiru Mangai Azhwar visited this place, initially he felt let down by the tiny size of the Lord. Thirumangai, who had seen different displays and different forms of Lord Vishnu, was then impressed upon by Kripasamudra Perumal that this was indeed something very special and that he should savour for the moment. Then he could come to Thiru Kannamangai (Divya Desam about 25 km south-west of Sirupuliyur) for a darshan of his full form in a standing posture. A happy Thirumangai showered 10 verses of praise on Kripasamudra Perumal in his Periya Thirumozhi referring to the Lord as Sala Sayana Perumal and also making a specific reference to Adisesha.

Prarthana sthalam

As this was the place where Kripasamudra Perumal accorded a special status to Adisesha by placing him above Garuda, this temple is of special significance for relief from Naaga Dosha and Kaala Sarpa Dosha. This is the only divya desam where there is a separate temple for Adisesha.

Quick facts…

Moolavar: Kripasamudra Perumal in a south-facing Bhujanga Sayana posture

Thaayar: Thirumaa Magal Nachiyar

Temple Time: 7 a.m.-12 noon and 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Important festivals: 10-day Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi and 3-day Avataara Utsavam in Maasi.

How to reach the temple

Sirupuliyur is about 15 km south of Mayiladuturai near Kollumangudi off the Mayavaram-Tiruvarur Highway. One can get down at Kollumangudi and take an auto (Rs. 30) to reach this Divya Desam.

To know more about Sirupuliyur Divya DesamĀ click here

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