Annual Brahmosthsvam at SrI Ranganatha Temple, New York


The annual Brahmosthsvam at SrI Ranganatha Temple, New York is scheduled during Jun 29 – Jul 08, 2012.

Those who are not physically close to the temple can still join the telebridge class and involve with temple activities. Currently recitation Sri Paduka Sahasram, Srimad Bhagavad Gita and lecture on Srimad Bhagavad Gita is offered. Please follow the link:

This temple is unique in this country in adhering to sAstrAs and SrivaishNava sampradAyam very strictly. Besides the temple has an amazing Yatha Shakthi: “No Ticket system” – Donate whatever you can, if you can” policy that brings all the bhAgavatAs, even a casual temple-visitor equal in front of the Lord.

In addition when they bring perumAL to your home for performing tirumanjanam, SrI Sita Rama KalyAnam, Sri Sudarsana homam etc., still there is no prescribed charge. It is whatever you wish and only if you wish to contribute. Sri. Venkat Kanumalla Svamin makes sure that no one leaves the temple without ample of  free prasAdam, at any time.

Please visit this rare temple and support the activities “yada sakthi” and receive bhagavad bhAgavata AcAryA anugraham.

The flyer on important events is attached. You can access SrI Ranganathe Temple website at

Some of the photos from previous year Brahmotsavam can be viewed as a slide show below:

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