Brahmotsavam At Thiruthangal Begins On 26th June


Brahmotsavam for this year at Thiruthangal begins on 26th June 2012 and concludes on the 9th of July 2012.

4 kms east of the cracker town of Sivakasi on the Srivilliputhur – Virudhanagar road, is the Ninra Narayana Divya Desam in Thiru Thangal. The Lord is seen in a standing posture atop a hill(the Thangal Malai). There is the Lord Ranganatha Sannidhi on the Western Entrance, from where one has to climb 10-15 steps to reach the Ninra Narayanan Sannidhi.

Thadi Aradhana is organized for Sri Vaishnavas on all days (10 days) during the Brahmotsavam at Thiruthangal.  Either to participate by contributing for the Thadi Aradhana or to know more details about Thadi Aradhana and accommodation during the utsavam, devotees may contact: Thiruthangaal komandoor Ellayavilli . V.Thirumalai dasan, Mobile no – 9952116408 or Residence no – 044-22421458

The temple, which has been renovated in the last few years thanks to help from local industrialists, now wears a new, bright look inside. Though located in a not so centric location and thus not attracting big devotee crowds on normal days, the priests at the temple are doing a great job of conducting the daily poojas, with a high degree of sincerity and devotion, despite having to climb several steps every morning and evening.

The Andaal Divya Desam at Srivilliputhur is about 25Kms(West) from here.

11 archa-vigrahas inside the sanctum
Inside the sanctum, one can see as many as 11 archa-vigrahas, the only Divya Desam to have these many archa-vigrahas within the sanctum. The archa-vigrahas are: Deiveeka Vasudevan, Sridevi, Neeladevi, Bhoomadevi, Brigu Rishi, Markandeya Rishi, Garuda, Arunan (Suryan’s Charioteer), Anirudhan, Ushai and Jambavathi (only temple to have an image of Jambavathi).

Garuda and Serpent Lord Aadhiseshan
A unique feature at this Divya Desam is that Garuda is seen along with his traditional enemy, ‘The Serpent Lord Aadhiseshan’. Garuda is also seen adorned with jewellery.

Krishna’s grandson wedding at ThiruThangal
Krishna’s grandson Anirudhan got married at this place to Baanaasuran’s daughter Ushai. It is believed that Deiveega Vasudevan came down to attend this wedding.

A fight between Sacred Banyan tree and Aadhiseshan
Once a fight arose between a sacred Banyan tree and Aadhiseshan as to who was more powerful. They went up to Brahmma who decided in favour of Aadhiseshan as it was on the Serpant Lord that Lord Vishnu slept. Unhappy with Brahmma’s decision, the sacred tree undertook penance seeking Vishnu’s blessings. The Lord asked him to go to ThiruThangal and take the form of a hill. Fulfilling his wish, the Lord would come there to the hill and accept SriDevi, who was undertaking penance, at the foot of the hill.

Festival : Aani Brahmotsavam, Aavani Pavitrotsavam, Puratasi Garuda Sevai, Chitra Pournami- 3 day procession

Quick Facts

Deity : Ninra Naarayanan East Facing Standing Posture
Goddess : Shengamalar Thaayar
Utsavar : ThiruThangal Appan
Paasurams : 5- BhoothathAzhvaar(1) 2251, ThirumangaiAzhvaar(4)-1399,2068,2673(71) and 2674(120)

Temple timing : 6am-12noon and 4pm-8pm
Contact Address : Thiru Narayana Perumal koil, ThiruThangal, Virudanagar District, Sivakasi 626 130

Bus : Frequent buses between Virudanagar(25kms) & Sivakasi and Srivilliputhur & Sivakasi. Mini buses ply every 5-10 mts between Sivakasi and ThiruThangal
Train : 2661 Chennai Tenkasi Podhigai Express stops at ThiruThangal

Place to Stay : Best to stay in Madurai to visit this place



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