Fifth day of the Brahmotsavam at Kanchi


Mohini Alankaram purappadu of Varadar of Kanchipuram on the fifth day of the Brahmotsavam.

In Mohini Alankara thirukolam, as the name suggest our Varadar is dressed as a lady, as he is embodiment of all beauty he transforms himself into a beautiful lady.

Once sage Durvasa offered the garland of Mahalakshmi to Indira who was riding on his elephant. Indira accepted the garland and placed it on his elephant. The elephant, irritated by the smell of the garland, threw it to the ground. This action enraged the sage, who is legendary for his temper, as the garland was a prasadam from Mahalakshmi. Durvasa cursed Indra and all devas to be devoid of all strength, energy, and fortune.

In the battles that followed devas were routed by the asuras and devas as always sought help from Maha Vishnu. Maha Vishnu advised that devas should churn the milky white ocean, with the help of asuras, from which nectar of immortality would be obtained.

Devas and asuras started churning with mount Mandara as the dasher and snake Vasuki as the rope. As the churning continued the following emerged, Lakshmi Vishnu’s consort, Kaustubha ratnam, Kamadhenu, Kalpavriksham, Sharangam and various other celestial items. Finally the nectar of immortality, Amirtham, emerged and immediately devas and asuras started fighting for its passion. Maha Vishnu took to form a lady (Mohini), who was the most beautiful lady that the assembled gods, devas and asuras have ever seen. Mohini distributed the Amirtham to devas, who then vanquished the asuras.

There are small variations in this story between the purans, but one thing that is common among all the purans is the beauty of the lord when he took the form of Mohini. Likewise the beauty of Varadar is available for us all to cherish.

There could be many reasons for Varadar’s incomparable beauty in this thirukolam, but according to adiyen’s little knowledge it is all because of Varadar’s most compassionate consort, Perundevi Thayaar. In my earlier mail I had mentioned about the unique kadukan (ear ring) of Varadar, if you notice in this thirukolam he adores an ear ring that is similar to thayaar, that is one of the reason for his eye capturing beauty.

On the fifth day evening Devathirajan had his purappaduin Yali Vahanam.

Yali is a mythical creature, you might have a see them sculpted on temple pillars. This creature is a combination of animal and reptile. It has the head of a lion with tusk of an elephant and the tail of a serpent. This creature is as ferocious as a lion, as strong as an elephant and would be sending shiver down the spine due to the serpent. This is also the reason you would see this creature sculpted on the entrance walls.

Devathirajan had also in Narasimha avatharam appeared in a unique combination of man and lion to protect his dear devotee. It is only appropriate that Devathirajan tamed this beast and ride on that to our pleasure.

It is indeed a wonderful sight to see our Devathirajan sitting majestically.

Photos from previous years can be seen below, latest photos to be updates soon, check this post later this evening

Text writeup- Thanks to Shri Kousik Sarathy, Photos thanks to Shri Kesava Bhasyam










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