Kanchi Sri Perarulalan Brahmotsavam Commences Today


Thiru Vaikasi Brahmotsavam of Kanchipuram Sri Perarulala Perumal Temple began today morning with Dwajaarohanam and Purappadu of Sri Devaperumal along with ubhaya nachiyars in Thanga Chapparam.

Today, very early in the morning, Thiruvaradhanam was performed for Sri Perarulalan and ubhaya nachimaar. Then He proceeded to vahana mantapam. After Punyavachanam, the Garudan flag was blessed by Perumal. This Garudan flag was then hoisted in the Dwajasthambham (flag post) which acts as a signpost for all the deva’s. The flag was hoisted by the Archakar who had the raksha bhandanam done earlier. He also received parivattam mariyathai, for his service.

Thereafter, Perumal on “Thanga Chapparam” (golden canopy) proceeded towards Nammalvar sannadhi. The adyabhaga ghosti faced east and started chanting thirupallandu & vanna maadangal, symbolising that Nammalvar himself inaugurates the ghosti. Our Lord reached Gangai kondam mantapam and thiruvaradhanam was performed. The Divya Prabhadham ghosti started with the mudhal thiruvandhadhi at Kacchi street and concluded it in the special mantapam near Vaikunta perumal kovil.

The afternoon session started with Peretharanam and followed by Simha vahanam. In the evening, Lord’s first “Vahana Purappadu” took place.

Kanchi Varadarajar Kovil is famous for so many things, like Perumal, Thayar, Kuzhal idli, Golden lizard, Silver lizard, Nammazhvar, Thirukkachi Nambigal, Ramanujar, Swami Desikan, Chakrathalvar……… the list is endless. Kanchi Kodai is also one among the list as this is the widest Kodai. Every year Perarulalan gets new set of Kodai during the Brahmotsavam. This year is no exception and the kodai gets inducted in to Perumal’s service today evening.

This Kodai’s for Perarulalan starts from his Purappadu in Simha Vahanam. Our Perumal would be adoring Thalluku Kondai and would be wearing yellow paavaadai. There is no Kodai in the morning in Thanga Chapparam as the chapparam itself is the cover. As Devadhirajan, is the king of all Devas aptly for him, he is majestically seated and comes around in the tallest of his Vahanas.

Today evening the Divya Prabhantha goshti would start from the vahana mantapam. Today they would be reciting Periyaazhvaar’s thirumozhi the following stanza in that describes the purappadu aptly.

endhoNdai vaaychchiNGgam* vaavenRu eduththukkoNdu*
andhoNdai vaay* amudhu aadhariththu *aaychchiyar-
thamthoNdai vaayaal *tharukkip paruhum* ich-
chendhoNdai vaayvandhu kaaNeerE*
sEyizhaiyeer! vandhu kaaNeerE (36)

Veda Parayana goshti is also an integral part in all the purappadu.

The following are some of the photos taken during the utsavam today…

The following are some of the photographs taken on the previous day during Angurarpanam and Azhwar utsavam…

Courtesy: Sri Kausik Sarathy

Photos Courtesy: Sri Kesava Bashyam VN Swamin

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