Singaperumalkoil Brahmotsvam on 27th May


Singaperumalkoil brahmotsvam is scheduled to take place  between 25th May 2012 to 8th June 2012 at Singaperumalkovil, Tamil Nadu, India. Astikas in and around Chennai are requested to take part in this event and receive the blessings of the Lord. SingaperumAL koil is situated on Tambaram-Chingelput Highway about 23 kms from Tambaram and 7kms from Chingleput.  A rock-cut temple (kuDavarai kOil) Sri pAdalADhir Narasimhar blesses us amidst a serene and picturesque atmposphere. The Brahmotsavam is underway-VaikAsi svathi-thErthavari

Some of the photos taken during last year utsavam can be viewed below:









Thanks to Pbase for photos

The temple is said to be one among the several cave temples built by the Pallavas. A rock carving at this temple refers to a donation given to this temple around 500 century AD. Hence, this temple can be said to be at least 1500 years old and can be called as a Puraana Sthalam.
(Pallava King Mahendra Varma (580-630AD) had built about ten cave temples during his time)

The Story
During the Narasimha Avataaram time, this place was said to be a big forest. It is believed that Japali Rishi undertook penance at this place and had darshan of the Lord, after the killing of Hiranyakashipu. Given the timing, the Lord here is seen in an angry posture as Ugra Narasimha.

To the North East of the main deity is the Lakshmi Narasimha Sannidhi, who is said to cool the ‘Ugra Narasimha’. Every Pradhosham, special poojas are conducted for the Pradhosha deity.

The temple tank, found east of the temple, is said to be full through the year.

While Azhvaars have not praised this temple, the Goddess here is the same as the one in Ahobilam (Ahobila Valli).

Thirumangai Azhvaar had 10 verses of praise of the Lord(Narasimha) there…says…

‘Anganyalamanj Angoraalariyaai, Avunan
PongavaagamVallookiraal Pozhntha Punithanidam
Painganaanaik Kombu Kondu Pathimayaal, Adikeezhch
Senganaaliyittirainjum Singavel Kundramey’…

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Paadalathri (Ugra) Narasimha Sitting Posture East Facing with Goddess Lakshmi in his chest
Goddess : Ahobila Valli Thaayar
Utsavar : Prahalada Varadar with a maze in his left hand

Temple Time : 7am-12noon and 4pm-830pm

Priest : V. Gopalakrishna Bhattar @93801 14686
Contact : 044 2746 4441

Festivals : Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi, Pavitrotsavam in Aavani, Thoppam Davana Utsavam in Maasi

How to reach Singaperumal Koil
All Sub-Urban Trains from Chennai Beach –Chengalpet stop at Singaperumal Koil Station. (Trains once every hour).Autos charge Rs. 30 from Station to the temple(a distance of less than a km).

New Deluxe buses have been introduced between Chennai city and Chengalpet.
Buses Stop in front of the Temple.These buses are quite comfortable to travel in.

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    In 1987 during my first visit to India I stumbled across your beautiful temple by “chance”. I was on my way to Pondicherry together with five fellow travellers when our car broke down in your village. The repair would take two hours and we were given permission to explore the village as long as we did not stray too far. A colleague of mine and I decided to leave the main road and walked in a direction perpendicular to it. After about 15 minutes we found your temple. After removing our shoes we entered the grounds to see a temple on the top of a grey stone hillock. Just in that moment, a brahmin priest dressed in a white tunic appeared and asked us in perfect English if he could help us. We told him why we happened to be there and he told us the history of the temple. It is important to say that we did not know where we were and that I had had a dream about Narasimha during a Congress on Education in Human Values in London in 1985. Since that moment, Lord Narasimha was my link to divinity and from then I pray to him every day of my life. When our host told us that his temple was the oldest hill temple in Tamil Nadu dedicated to Lord Narasimha, I realised that the Lord himself had brought me there. He then said that he would like to invite us to see Lord Narasimha located in a cave beneath the temple. We gladly accepted this invitation. Our host clapped his hands and three young brahmins appeared, his sons. One of them opened a door under the temple and the other two lit torches hanging on the wall of a passage that led to the image of Narasimha. I had never been so grateful in my life and as an extra “our” brahmin initiated us in the full vision of the Lord with the five elements. On leaving the feet of Lord Narasimha we were given Prasad. The lord is truly great.

    After exploring the grounds we left the temple and returned to the garage where the car was being finished.

    Not until the other day, April 14th 2013 did I discover the existence of Singaperumal Koil, 26 years afterwards.

    Thank you and my best wishes to your three sons.

    Kindest Regards,

    Robert Goodman


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