Lake Jordan Float Festival


With blessings from Acharyan and Perumal, Theppotsavam is scheduled to be held on Saturday June 9, 2012 at Jordan Lake, White Oak Park, 280 State Park Road, Apex, NC 27523 (For GPS use White Oak Beach Rd, Apex, NC 27523)

Lord Sri Krishna descends specifically to reestablish the real purpose of life when man forgets the purpose which is eternal service to Lord and his followers.

During Krishnaavatara He played and swam with his cowherd friends and sported in the waters of Yamuna with the beautiful Gopikas.

Let us relive the life of cowherds and Gopikas and engage in the service of Sri Krishna and his followers for a day on June 9, 2012, at Lake Jordan.

On this day, a private beach area has been booked in Lake Jordan (near Raleigh area) for Sri Krishna in the form of Sri Venugopala (Sri Krishna wielding the flute) along with Sri Rukmini and Sri Sathyabhama to sail on a float and for us to immerse ourselves in joy and service to the Lord.

Bhagavat Ramanuja will be there to witness all this fun.

There will be fun filled events to keep adults and kids immersed in Krishnanubhavam in the sands and waters of Lake Jordan.

For more details/visit logistics write to us @

The following is the invitation for the same…

The following are some of the photographs taken last year (May 2011)…


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