Chithra Pournami celebrations at Thirunindravur


Chithra Pournami was celebrated grandly at Thirunindravur for Bakthavatsalan yesterday. Purapaddu took place in the morning and had a grand thirumanjanam in the afternoon. In the evening , He went back to his Aasthanam.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion can be seen below:

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BhaktaVatsala Perumal Koil in Thiru Ninravur is located about 30kms from Madras off the Madras- Tirupathi Highway (MTH). One can also reach ThiruNinravur by taking Madras-Poonamallee – Thiruvallur road.

Unlike NammAzhvaar who visualized different forms of Vishnu and sung praises of the Lord, ThiruMangai Azhvaar is said to have visited these Vishnu temples (now called Divya Desams) and sung praise of the Lord, depending on how impressed he was.

For example, ThiruMangai visited Rajagopalaswamy temple at Mannargudi but did not sing praise of the Lord (reasons for which are not known).  At Indhalur, in Mayavaram, the Lord had shut the door on ThiruMangai who threatened to leave the temple without singing praise of the Lord, only for the Lord to retract and then convince ThiruMangai Azhvaar to sing praise of him.

Something similar happened at Thiru Ninravur. Having visited ThiruVallur, about 15kms west of ThiruNinravur, ThiruMangai comes to Thiru Ninravur and finding the Lord and Goddess relaxing and enjoying themselves, he decides to move on and gives Thiru Ninravur a miss.

ThiruMangai does not wait, moves on to ThiruVellikeni. Unhappy with Thiru Mangai Azhvaar giving ThiruNinravur a miss, Goddess asks the Lord to find Thiru Mangai and to get him to sing praise of this place. Acceding to Goddess’s wish, Lord goes to Thiruvellikeni only to find that ThiruMangai had already left.

Same scenario repeats as the Lord moves on to ThiruVidanthai on the Eastern sea shore. Finally, the Lord catches up with Thiru Mangai Azhvaar at Thiru Kadal Mallai.

Finding the Lord standing in front of him and looking for praise from him, ThiruMangai sings:

“Neenda Vatha Karumugilai Emmaan Thannai
Ninravur Nithilath Thothaar Solai
Kaandavathaik Kanalerivaai Pei Vithaanaik
Kandathu Naan Kadal Mallai Thalasanathy”

Lord returns to Thirunanravur with a single paasuram
Happy with this, the Lord returns to ThiruNinravur only to find the Goddess disappointed once again. Thirumangai who has sung several verses in praise of other Lords could give us only one, said the Goddess to the Lord. And forced him to follow Thirumangai a 2nd time.

Lord back in search of Thiru Mangai
On reaching Kadal Mallai, the Lord found that Thiru Mangai had moved on. Lord followed him all the way and finally tracked him down at Thiru Kanna Mangai (near Thiruvarur), south of Kadal Mallai.

With the Lord entering the place, ThiruMangai had noticed him and welcomed him thus:

“Etrinaimaithulem Meesanai Imaiyai Marumaikku Marunthinai
Ninravur Ninra Nithilath Thothinai
Kaatrinai PunalaiChendru Naadik Kannamangai Ul Kandu Konden”

Why the name-Thiru Ninravoor
Goddess is said to have left Vaikuntam after a difference of opinion with the Lord and undertaken penance here. Hence this place is called Thiru Ninravoor- Thiru (Goddess) -Ninravur (the place where she stood).

Lord sent the King of the Ocean, Samudra Raja, on who lies Adiseshan, to search for the Goddess. Samudra Raja is believed to have come out of his home (the ocean) and found the Goddess here at Thiru Ninravoor and is said to have addressed her as ‘Ennai Petra Thaayaar’.

Kubera’s Penance
Kubera who lost his wealth is said to have offered prayers to the Goddess and regained his lost wealth at this place. Hence this place is also called Sukra Kshetram and Kubera Puram. Legend has it that King Dharamadvajan, a descendent of Surya clan, prayed here during the month of Panguni and regained his lost wealth.

A visit to this temple is said to help people recover lost wealth/glory.

The temple is under the joint administration of Tirupathi Periya Jeer and Hindu Endowment Board.

Quick Facts
Deity: BhaktaVatsala Perumal East facing Standing Posture
Goddess: Ennai Petra Thaayar, Sudhavalli
Utsavar: Bhaktar Aavi Perumal
Azhvaar: Thirumangai Azhvaar( 2 Paasurams)- 1089, 1642

Temple Timing: 730am-12noon and 430pm-830pm

Priest: A.R. Manivanna Bhattar
Tel No: 044 2639 0434 / 93805 16055
Address: No. 3 South Mada Street, ThiruNinravoor 602 024

Bus route: 54A from Poonamallee, 71E from Parrys corner
Train: Thiru Ninravur station on Madras Arakkonam rail route

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