Thiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathi Thirukkoil Brahmotsavam Day 1-3


As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Thiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathi Thirukkoil, on Day 1 evening (May 4, 2012), purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi perumal (decorated as Lord Krishna with flute) took place on ‘Pinnai Kilai Vahanam’. Being ‘Chithiraiyil Chithirai’, the day also marked the birth celebration of Mathurakavi Azhwar. Mathurakavigal also had purappadu along with Perumal.

On Day 2 (May 5), Sri Parthasarathi perumal had purappadu in Sesha vahanam in the morning and Simha vahanam in the evening.

On Day 3 (today -May 6) morning, Garuda sevai took place followed by ekantha sevai. Hundreds of devotees gathered at Gopura vasal at 5.30 in the morning to have darshan of Perumal coming out of the main entrance of the temple atop Garuda azhwar. At TP Kovil Street, there was the grand Oyyali and Perumal had rest at Gangai Kondan Mantapam – the return purappadu started at around 9.00 am and ended around 11.15 am.

After the purappadu, in the noon, there was the special Ekantha Sevai when Sri Parthasarathi had a single rose garland and was adorning many jewels.

For details and photographs of Day 1 morning utsavam, please visit

The following are some of the photogrpaphs taken during the utsavams…

Day 1 Evening

Day 2 (Sesha Vahanam and Simha Vahanam)

Day 3 (Garuda Vahanam)

Courtesy: Sri S. Sampathkumar Swami



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