Mahasamprokshanam at Tiruvaheendrapuram


Mahasamprokshanam of Sri Devanathaswamy Temple at  Tiruvaheendrapuram today the 25th of April 2012




The Samprokshanam of Thiruvaheendrapuram Temple which houses the Lord Sri Devanathan (Deivanayakan) takes place on Wednesday, 25th April.To the Vaishnavites, the very mention of this Sthala conjured up the diving figure of Vedantha Desikar (1268-1370 AD) who spent eventful years here.  Born in Thoopul near Kanjeepuram with the blessings of Lord Venkatesa, he blossomed into a peerless sage in this sacred divyadesam – Thiruvaheendrapuram.  Thiruvaheendrapuram, situate 5 kms west of Cuddalore, the historical coastal city, is one among the two “Nadunattu  Thirupathigal” among the 108 Divya Desams sanctified by the visit of Alwars.  The temple of  Lord Devanatha is flanked by the inspring Oushadagiri, a herbal drop on the Lap of Time from the hands of speeding Anjaneya to the battlefield of Lanka and the serpentine holy river Garudanadhi.  The importance of this sthala has found place in many Puranas.

Please click and read about Lord Sri Devanatha Perumal in the following link –  Devanayaka Panchasat :

Photos taken during 25th Evening from Thiruvaheendrapuram:

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