Thiruppullani Akshaya Thrithiyai Udhaya Garuda Sevai


By the niyamanam of HH Srimad Andavan Sri Ranga Ramanuja Maha Desikan swami, for the past ten years Akshaya Thrithiyai udhaya Garuda Sevai and Thiruveethi purappadu and alankara thirumanjanam for Sri Adhi Jagannatha Perumal and Pitattimar is sponsored by Srimad Andavan Ashramam.

This year also, on this Akshaya thrithiyai (today), the Temple officer, Sri Kannan and all the Archaka paricharaka kainkaryaparals of the temple most enthusiastically arranged for it and despite unexpected heavy rain in the midnight and the resultant total power cut, Perumal Garuda vahana purappadu was done exactly by 6 am and it was a very nice experience to have the dharshan of Perumal in that very cool climate. After thiruveethi purappadu, Thirumanjanam was performed which was witnessed by a very large number of devotees who came from far and near to worship on this Akshaya thrithiyai.

At Andavan Ashrama Sri Desikan Sannithi also special aradhanams were performed and the visitors had the bhagyam of receiving a coin placed at the thiruvadi of Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Perumal. A devotee used to do this kainkaryam every year.

Courtesy: Sri T. Raghuveeradayal Swami

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