Sri Nadadur Ammal Vidwath sabha Mahotsavam


Sri Nadadoor Ammal Trust have planned to conduct the 58th Annual Sri Vatsya Varada (Nadadoor Ammal) Desika Vidwat Sadas at Gowrivakkam, Chennai from 30-04-12 to 04-05-12 to commemorate the 848th Thirunakshatram (Birth Day ) of Sri Nadadoor Ammal. As in the years before, the scholars, participating in the Vidwat Sadas – a traditional form of Seminar – will present topics from Sri Bhahsyam. Discussions are held on this among the scholars present, which in turn helps in promotion of the study of Sri Bhashyam. Parayanam of Vedas and Divya Prabhandhas are also part of this detailed event.



News source: Sri Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar

Detailed description in Tamil can be read from the following link:

About Nadadur Ammal:

SrI Vatsya VaradacchArya (1165- 1275 C.E) of Kanchi revered as NadadUr AmmAL was born at NadadUr, a village near Kaanchi. He acquired the name of AmmAL from Lord VaradarAjan for his tender and devout Milk Kaimkaryam to the Lord. He served the Lord the milk naivEdhyam at a temperature, which was neither too hot nor cold and  that made Lord VaradarAja wonder: “Is this my Mother, who takes such tender care of Me?” The name stayed thus as the AmmAL of the Lord from NadAdUr

NadAdUr AmmAL is the AchAryan of both Sudarsana Bhattar (the Author of Srutha PrakAsika) and AtrEya RamAnuja (the maternal uncle of Swamy Desikan). He met Swamy Desikan at the tender age of five at Lord VaradarAjA’s temple PrAkAram during his KaalakshEpam and was wonder struck at the tEjas of the young boy, who had accompanied his uncle to the Temple. NadAdur AmmAL saw a great future for the young boy as the leading sampradhAya Pravarthakar of Bhagavad RaamAnuja darsanam. AmmAL offered his benedictions to the boy and asked his Sishyan, AtrEya Ramanuja to provide instructions to his nephew and grow him to become one of the greatest AchAryan. The year was 1273 C.E and NadadUr AmmAl was 108 years old.  AmmAL wanted very much to train the young boy himself but recognized that he was too old and therefore asked his sishyan, AtrEya Ramanuja to accept that important responsibility

AmmAL blessed us with 8 Sri Sookthis: Tatthva Saara, Prapanna ParijAtha, PramEyamAla, MangalAsAsana StOtra on Lord VaradarAja, Hetipungava Stava, ParatvAdhi Panchaka and (Para) Tattva NirNaya dealing with the establishment of VishNu as the Supreme Reality based on Sruthi, Saathvika PurANam (VishNu PurANam), ithihAsam (MahA BhAratham, Hari Vamsam).

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