Paadukha Yanthram for Monday


Sri RanganAtha padhukA sahasra shlOkams composed by Swami Desikan are all very powerful.

They have tremendous mantra siddhi and kaarya siddhi. Those from the chitra paddhathis (the 7 Yanthrams picked for the seven days) are very auspicious for worship by the ladies in this context.

Rice flour is the best for drawing the kolam .It can also be drawn on white cloth with colored dye (yellow) or drawn on copper or silver /gold plates. The aksharams can be invoked thru the japam, if you are drawing with rice flour. For yanthrams in copper plate, aksharams can be drawn and preserved for continuous use.

If you use rice flour the visarjanam (removal) can be done with the prayer

The yanthram itself is the Aaradhya moorthy. Additional deities need not be invoked or placed on yanthrams. Please use them. Please draw these kolams in your pooja gruhams, recite the shlokams of the day and after that gently remove by hand, the yan- thram after prostrating before it. Swamy Deshikan’s limitless skill as a poet is revealed in the creation of these slOkams in the yanthram (sabdha chithrams) in Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA ahasram (1000 shlOkams composed in less than three hours) in chithra padhathi section of the Sahasram.

Paadukha Yanthram for Sunday can be found at:

Paadukha Yanthram for Monday

BharathArADhithAm thArAm vandhE rAGhavapAdhukAm

BhavathApADhithAnthAnAm vandhyAm rAjIvamEdhurAm

பரத ஆராதிதாம் தாரம் வந்தே ராகவ பாதுகாம்

பவதாப ஆதி தாந்தாநாம் வந்த்யாம் ராஜீவ மேதுராம்

Meaning: I pray to Rama’s Paaduka, Which was reverentially worshipped by Bharata, Which is of highest potency, which is worthy of worship by any one who has suffered samsara misery and mental agony; and which is surrounded by lotus flowers dedicated in ritual oblation.

Special Notes by V. Sadagopan:

This slOkam is set in the dhvichathushka chakra bhandham and is in- tended for worship on MONDAYS by the ladies of the house.

Chathushkam means an entity consisting of four units. Dhvi chathushkam refers hence to twice the set of four (i-e). Eight..There are 8 triangles in this geometric pattern that gives the chakram its name.

The geometric representation is realized in two ways:
One has an abstract pattern with two intersecting squares and two circles with the Lord’s PaadhukAs inside them;

The other representation has 4 circles with intersecting squares housed between the 2nd and 3rd squares populated with aksharams of this slO- kam.

1) UtthamUr Swamy’s anubhavam:

Swamy Desikan says here that the PaadhukAs are the ones worshipped by BharathA; they are the medicine for those, who are afflicted with mental pain caused by samsAric ills. Swamy Desikan states that he worships those Raaghava PaadhukAs sur- rounded by lotus flowers.

2) SrImath Andavan’s anubhavam:

The RanganAtha Dhivya PadhukAs in all manifestations (SarvAvasthais) have limitless glories and protect the world. Therefore, the very intelligent Bharathan fully conversant with the apAra mahimai of the Paadhukais worshipped them as the representative of the Lord on the throne of Raghu Vamsam.The Paadhukais conducted the affairs oft he State in a manner even loftier than their Lord. That was in Vibhava avathAram as Lord Raamachandran’s Paadhukai. Now in Lord’s archAvathAram as RanganAthan, they exhibit the same glories and respond to the prayers and appeals of SamsAris .They are wor- shipped with the lotus flowers and banish the sorrows of the suffering chEthanams.

3) The Taapams (afflictions, sorrows) of the world are of three kinds: 

AadhyAthmikam, Aadhibhoudhikam and Aadhidhaivikam. These are the Taapa thrayams linked to SamsAric life. They are experienced by aadhi thAntAs (agitated SamsAris experiencing thApa thrayams).They worship the PaadhukAs for relief from these thApams and cover the PaadhukAs with heaps of lotus flowers with devotion ( Raajeeva mEdhurAm Raaghava PaadhukAm ). These glorious Paadhukais were worshipped by Bharathan during the Vibhava avathAram of the Lord ( Bharatha AarAdhithAm). They were recognized by BharathA as Superior in power ( TaarAm ). These PaadhukAs are fit to be worshipped for removal of the Taapa Thrayams by those afflicted by them ( Bhava thApa aadhi thAn- thAnAm andhyAm).

பரத ஆராதிதாம் தாரம் வந்தே ராகவ பாதுகாம்

பவதாப ஆதி தாந்தாநாம் வந்த்யாம் ராஜீவ மேதுராம்

பொருள் – பரதனால் ஆராதனை செய்யப்பட்டவளும், மிகவும் உயர்ந்தவளும், ஸம்ஸாரம் என்னும் துன்பங்களை மூலம் மனவருத்தம் கொண்டு வருந்துபவர்களின் துன்பம் நீங்க வணங்கத்தக்கவளும், தேவர்களால் அர்ச்சிக்கப்பட்ட தாமரை மலர்களால் சூழப்பட்டவளும் ஆகிய இராமனின் பாதுகையை நான் வணங்குகிறேன்.

For more details of Padhuka commentaries series:

Source and courtesy : Opilliappan Sadagopan Swami(sundarasimham), Madhavakannan Swami, Sriram Srinivasan Swami and Sriman Sunder kidambi Swami, Sridharan Swami (namperumal journal)

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