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Vaishnavism eClassYathiraja Sahasra Jayanthi, 2017
Aacharya Ramanuja’s life has given bliss to the Vaishnavam. He has formulated procedures for every activities of temple rituals and utsavams. He dedicated his life to bring awareness among people and made them feel closer to the Lord Sriman Narayanan. Similarly, at every one’s home perumal sannidhi exists. There is a set of  paasurams from Divyaprabhandams are recited daily to the Perumaal at home similar to the temple ghosti. Collection of these paasurams is called Nityaanusanthaanam. Vaishnavism eClass makes an attempt to bring Nityaanusanthaanam in sandhai format (with emphasis to prounciation of the words and meanings) to you through Internet as a free service. Plan is to cover maximum possible of Dhivyaprabhandham, and enable members to recite pasurams for satrumurai in temples.

A group of bhagavadas are conducting an online class and requests interested members to take part in it.  Already members are enjoying the pasurams through Internet at the comfort of their home, from different countries. This service is offered for free. You require Internet connection, Microsoft windows machine and speakers/ear phone. Invite you, your family and friends to join this effort. This mission is possible only by your participation, referral service, etc. Duration of the program is about for 1 year.

If you are interested to join the effort, please send an email to (and can also join )

Current Sessions

Saturday , Sunday 7pm - 8pm IST:
1. Nithyaanusanthaanam

Monday -Friday , 10am - 11am IST:
1. Nithyaanusanthaanam
Monday -Thursday 6pm-6:30pm IST:
1. Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Paaraayanam

Friday 5:45pm-6:45pm IST:
1. Sri Lakshmi Sahasranaama Paaraayanam
2. Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Paaraayanam

Saturday -Sunday 6:30pm-7pm IST:
1. Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Paaraayanam
 (one can join, learn and enjoy one or more sessions as per their convenience )
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  1. I am very much happy to see this article in
    I am glad that I am also a member in this. The class is very useful to learn “Nithyanusandanam” which every vaishnava is expected to recite daily. This is done free of cost. Without any difficulty of going out, this is brought to our house.The classes are taken with special attention to pronunciatin in Sandai format with meaning. I thank Vaishnavi Sridhar for this.Through this it is our wish that more and more people should join this and get the benefit and make the goal of the class successful.

  2. As Smt N Kousalya mentioned, the class is delivered to your home through the internet. So, there is no constraint of your location to get started.

    As summer vacation is coming closer for school children, encourage them to get started to learn the pasurams. They can also recite Vishnu Sahasranaamam in the evening daily to the audience around the world.

  3. I must first thank god for havinging introduced me ,my gurus Mrs Sridevi Suresh and Mr Suresh for learning Pasurams from home .I want every one to enjoy and experience this .Our vaishnavism principle says ,that GOD comes to us and also we all know, we give more importance to Acharyans than GOD HIMSELF. So i only feel God has come to us through his Messenger Mr & Mrs Suresh as our guru .
    He is fescilititating us so much , that you need even step out of your chair to learn and experience all this .We are all gifted and i feel noone should miss this opportunity .
    Acharyan thiruvadigale charanam

    Mrs Subhashini Madhavan.

  4. thank you mrs vaishnavi.adiyen also a member in this the chat stage or google+ whichever is convenient for you .sit in front. a nice food (amudham)will come to you .mrs sridevi and mr suresh will spoon feed everybody. what else you want?. no need to search for books in shop or in your will upload all get ready register and choose any time schedule and all of us koodi irundhu kulirvon solluvom avan namangalai with mrs sridevi
    adiyen ramanuja dasan
    hemamalini srinivasan

  5. the bhagavatas who are intersted to join please send a mail to, they will send u reply with details. its through internet so anybody from anywhere across the globe can join with the comfortable time of above session from their home itself. and as said above in one of comment no probs if u don’t have any books/material related. they will provide you all, just join and attend the sessions regularly and enjoy the bhagavath anubhavam bu learning .

  6. i am very happy to be a part of the e-vaishnavism group and learning the pasurams in sandhai method and not only that expanation of each pasurams.especially our gurus mr suresh and mrs sridevi suresh’s method is so good that by the time we reapeat the 5th time we feel the pasurams are registerd n our mind. all the members as a group will join them in making the yatiraj jayanthi a sucess.

  7. Madam both I and my wife are interested in the classes and are attending to.
    We would be very glad to attend to any other veda classes also.
    IT is very good service for the SRIVAISHNAVA Coomunity.
    Krishnan and Mythili

  8. I have been attending this class for the past 9 months and have benefited immensely. This is such a wonderful forum to associate with like minded vaishnavas which helps us to understand the importance of our sampradaya. The class is conducted very systematically by Mrs. Sridevi in such a way that even a small child could follow. The sahasranamam chanting encourages the members to do it on a daily basis and it’s needless to say the quantum of benefit one gets by chanting. Small kids also find it interesting to chant and they become more perfect by doing so in a group. The morning nityanusanthanam session is apt for housewives (both young and old) as it is timed conveniently and all you need to do is sit in front of the pc and enjoy the bliss after a
    hectic morning. The vibrations at home is excellent when you chant prabhandham everyday. Each one should experience this and make use of the wonderful service rendered by Mrs. and Mr.Suresh.

  9. Dear All
    First of all thank you very much to see the wonderful site.
    I wish to inform you that those who are having written ram Nam note books or papers in any language, they may be sent to our ashram address given in the website to install during 1008( shara kodi rama nama prathisha vaibhvam during july/august 2012. or mail us. if it is in and around chennai they may visit our ashram and get blessings from Sri Bhagwan Yogi Ramsuratkumar Maharaj.

  10. Dear AllGo SGo sa
    Those who wants to support GOSAMRAKSHANA ( cows are protected here from slaughter house in this village as per Bhagwan’s wish) More than 33 cows are safeguarded and feeded regularly. This Gosala is not for milking. I personally request every one should give shoulder for the noble cause. if any one requires more information pls see the website or mail to us. contact : 9445423445/9171788629/9789914875

  11. Sahasranaama time changed as follows

    Mon-Thu: 6:30pm IST Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam
    Friday: 6:30pm IST Sri Lakshmi Sahasranaamam followed by Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam
    Sat-Sun: 6:30pm IST Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam

    • Due to Divya Dhampathis anugraham and our Jagath Aacharyan’s blessings completed learning Raamaanuja Nootrandhaadhi in our morning weekday class. Now Upadesa Rathinamaalai is being taught. Revision going on this week and all members are given opportunity to recite in the class.

  12. Dear all
    i am presently doing the sandhyavandanam during monthly amavasya tarpanam and i am looking forward to join the course for correct pronication.
    my difficulty is that the course discussion should be in english. i am Andharite and i do not know tamil very much
    also i do not know to read / write telugu.
    plz reply the feasbility.

    • Dear Ceedaar swamin,
      the course class will be in english as many telugu and kannada people are in the class and course materials are in english / tamil / telugu and devanagari so swamin can choose according to comfort. if swamin is interested send a mail to

  13. I am very happy to see about this evaishnavism class in I too am a member of this eclass and I wish more and more people become aware of this Godsend service carried out by a group of bhagavthas .Let us all join hands in disseminating this information to our known people so that everyone gets to be blessed!!

  14. Dear Siur

    Adiyen Srinivasan, would like to know the detials of the programme, particuallry timings. I live in Nairobi, and need to check the timings. Kindly assist

    thank you


  15. I am Srivaishnava Iyengar Vadakalai living at Adambakkam, Chennai, I was born at Sulurpet, A.P. I know to speak tamil and I know to reading, writing, speaking in Telugu language, I am much interested to learn Nithya Anu Santhanam. So, Will you help me to get this book published in Telugu?

  16. adiyen! i need the lessons in mp3 format to learn different satrumurai chanting clearly at srivaishnvaite temples. I am a retired individual and have divine interest in learning about sri vaishnavism in depth. Kindly extend your sevas to devotees and i shall reciprocate kindly. I do manasika aradhanam to perumal daily with whatever mantras i know.

  17. I want to know the change in timings and the current schedules.I would be able to participate in the evenings and during week ends.


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