Madisaar Procedure



  • 1) Wrap the saree around the waist with one end of the saree on the right and the rest of the saree on the left
  • 2) Tie a knot firmly around the waist towards your left side with the two portions of the saree
  • 3) Gather the saree near the waist
  • 4) tuck a bit of the saree in (near the right side of the waist)
  • 5) Pleat the saree from the end tucked to the waist
  • 6) Tuck the pleats firmly to the waist.
  • 7) Fold the rest of the saree to 4 or 5 folds measuring 3/4th of the hand.
  • 8 ) bring the pleated portion behind by gathering the folded saree between the legs
  • 9) Arrange folds properly and tuck them firmly at the back.
  • 10)The rest of the saree is brought to the front from the right side
  • 11)make a small tuck in the front to make sure the saree is firmly around the waist
  • 12)Gather the rest of the saree and Wrap it on the left shoulder, so the rest of the saree falls on to the back
  • 13)Bring the end of the saree around the waist and tuck it on to the left side.
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  1. I always consult this post demonstrated by a baby girl which was earlier available in ‘Nilachaaral” but has been removed from there. Wow Ultimately I got it here.


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