Sri Stuthi – 21

Vaduvur SithAdEvi thAyAr
Vaduvur SithAdEvi thAyAr

The 21st slOkam is recited for curing all physical and mental diseases through the power of PirAtti’s nectarine KaDAkshams

The key passage of this slOkam is: “amrutha-laharee kaDAkshai: Aakinchanya glapitham maamm kshaNam AardhrEyaTA:” (Oh Mother! With Your glances laden with the flow of life-giving nectar, please cool this defenseless one suffering from the scorching samsAric taapams).

Meaning according to Professor M.Narasimhachary:

Mother! adiyEn is scorched by the summer (heat) of the three afflictions. Kindly cool me with Your gracious, benign, nectarine side glances.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

Oh My Mother! adiyEn is suffering intensely from the fierce heat of the three afflictions (Taapams) and they are shrivelling me up. May Thou with Your sideglances — that are like a flood of rejuvenating nectar– cool me for a second. May those blemishless, cooling and dayaa-laden glances of Yours restore me from my state of suffering from the AdhyAthmika, Aadhibhoudhika and Aadhidhaivatham taapams!

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

Those compassionate side-glances of Yours are not some phenomenon that happens once in a great while and then are turned off. On the contrary, those Dayaa-laden glances fall on the suffering devotees ever so frequently (Saanupraasa prakaDitha dayaa). They are full of deep affection (saandhra vaathsalya dhigdhai:); those sideglances display friendship (Snigdhai: sahitham); they destroy the sins of those on whom they fall (anagai:); they have close relationship to the flood of nectar (amrutha laharee labdha saBrahmacharyai:). Such celebrated KaDakshams are the cure for banishing the heat of the three tApams. For adiyEn suffering from exposure to these tApa thrayams, Your kaDakshams will have the power of a restoring balm. Oh Mother! adiyEn prays for Your rejuvenating glances to fall on me even for the duration of a second to save me from these unbearable sufferings.

Three tApams:

1. AadhyAthmikanm: These deal with the diseases pertaining to the body (Head ache, flu et al) and the mind (kaamam, krOdham, bhayam et al).
2. AadhiBhoudhikam: These are dangers arising from animals, birds and humans.
3. Aadhidhaivikam: Dangers from calamities caused by nature (thunder storm, hurricane, Earth Quake et al).

Swamy Desikan’s Appeal:

AmBha! adiyEn is suffering in this unbearable heat of the tApa thrayams (tApa thraya virachithE gharmE gADa taptham Maam). AdiyEn has no other recourse (Aakinchanyam) than You. AdiyEn has shrivelled up from these sufferings (glapitham Maamm). Please cool adiyEn from this insufferable wave of flames even for a second by casting Your side glances on me (glapitham Maamm kshaNam AardhrEyathA:).

To be continued…


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