Sri Stuthi – 20

ThirunaRaiyUr VanjuLavalli thAyAr
ThirunaRaiyUr VanjuLavalli thAyAr

The 20th slOkam is recited for being blessed with Moksha Sukham

The key passage if this slOkam is: “Yasmin yeeshath namitha Sirasa: dhanyA: Sareeram yaapayithvA VaasudEvasya PadhE VarthishyanthE” (Oh SrI Devi! Those who have performed SaraNAgathy at Your sacred feet are the most fortunate. After the dissolution of their physical body, they reach Sri Vaikuntam of Your Lord).

Word by word Meaning:

Devi! = Oh SrI Devi!

thridaSa mahiLA mouLi mAlA architham = (Your feet) are worshipped with the flower garlands adorned on the heads of the wives of the dEvAs

Samitha VipadhAm siddhi kshEthram tE Paadha padhmam sEvE = Your lotus feet are the crop yielding ground for removing dangers and conferring Iswaryams. adiyEn prostrates before them.

Yasmin Yeeshath namitha SiraSa: dhanyA: = in front of those sacred Thiruvadis of Yours, the puNyasAlis who have performed their SaraNAgathys stand with their heads bent in devotion

Sareeram yApayithvA = and after gaining release from their physical body at the end of their earthly lives

VaasudEvasya vitamasi padhE varthishyanthE = these PuNyasAlis reside at the Supreme abode of Para VasudEvan (SrI Vaikuntam).

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry:

Oh Divine Mother! I wait upon Your lotus feet. They are the source of all welfare. The lucky ones, who just bend a little before these feet will live in the abode of Lord VaasudEvA, which is free from the impact of material nature.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

Oh the DEvi of the DevadEvan! adiyEn prostrates before Your sacred feet which are worshipped by the Deva sthrees with garlands adorned on their heads; Your sacred feet are the growing ground for all types of wealth. Even those, who bend before them with nama ukthi become blessed ones and they reach Your Lord’s Parama padham at the end of their lives on this earth.

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

Oh Periya PirAtti (MahA DEvi of Kaanchipuram)! When the dEva sthrees adorned with flower garlands on their beautiful hair prostrate before Your sacred feet, the flowers from those garlands serve as pushpa varshams for Your worship. That is like archanA performed by them to Your sacred feet.

Those sacred feet yields “Bhava sAgara antha: avasAdham yEyushAm abhayAya bhAthi” according to a passage from Lakshmi Sahasram. Your sacred feet, NaamAs and Your MangaLa ThirumEni shine to remove the fear of SamsAram. They destroy the light of amangaLams (“aSubha dheepthim hruth”). With their golden lustre, they steal the heart of the worshippers (SuvarNa nibhayA prabhayA manOramam bhAthi). In Tamil, the power of those sacred feet and Her NaamAs has been described as: “MangaLangaL mangAmal manna vaikkum”. You are the “SrEya: Saadhana dEvathA” (The PumpradhAnEswari, who is the UpAyam for SrEyas). Your sacred feet are like the wish-granting KaamadhEnu. They chase away all samsAric sorrows (nirAkrutha vyasanE Tava dhivya charaNAravindham).

The author of Lakshmi Sahasram reminds us of the power of Her sacred NaamAs. His comments apply to the power of Her sacred Thiruvadi as well: “Aamushmikam Saasvatham eihikam vaa kim naama phalam ThvannAma na dhatthE?” (What type of Phalan — here on earth, at the other world or any other Phalan–can they not give?).

To be continued…


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