Kainkaryam for Reprint of Deepaprabha – Uthamur Swami’s Commentary on Vedanta Deepa


Bhagawadas are requested to contribute towards reprint of Deepaprabha – Tamil commentary on Bhagawat Ramanuja’s Vedanta Deepa by ‘Abinava Desikan’ Uttamur Sri U.Ve. Veeraraghavachar Swami.

Sri Bakthisara Pathangi Ranga Ramanuja Educational Trust, Tiruvallur, is currently hosting Tele-Kalakshepam on Vedanta Deepam. As a part of the initiative, the trust has arranged to bring out the reprint of Swami’s Tamil commentary Deepaprabha by sponsoring “Uthamoor Sri Veeraraghavachariar Swami Centenary Trust” for the printing.

The funds for printing was expected to be met by the fees paid for enrollment into the Tele-Kalakshepam. Since the number of enrolled people didn’t meet the budget of printing, generous contributions from aasthikaas is being sought.

Those who want to purchase a copy of the book  could pre-order with a payment of Rs 200 (within India) or US$10 (if living in the United States).

For making contributions.payments, please contact
Sri NandaPathangi –
phone : 9710096162/9941513007/ 91-44-27664603
PRR Mini hall,
22,Dhanalakshmi street,MGM Nagar,

For direct deposits
Acc #.0735301000012894,
Sri Bakthisara Pathangi Rangaramanuja educational trust,
Sri Lakshmi Vilas Bank ltd, Tiruvallur branch, Tiruvallur-602001, INDIA.
IFSC code: LAVB 0000735

For transactions in the US, please send a message to
Sriram swami – rsiriraam@gmail.com Ph: 517-316-5430

The Tele-Kalakshepam is delivered by SriAhobila Mutt Asthana Vidwan Sri UVe. Mannargudi Rajagopalachar.
Please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/nandapathangi/search?query=deepam for a preview of the classes that are completed so far. If interested in enrolling, please do contact Sri NandaPathangi swami. If in the United States, contact Sriram swami (rsiriraam@gmail.com; ph: 517-316-5430)




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  1. பகவத்விஷயம் காலக்ஷேபம் ,ஸ்ரீ மன்னார்குடி ராஜகோபாலாசாரியார் ஸ்வாமிஸாதிக்கிறார்..இது 6 வருட நிகழ்சி. பிள்ளான் திருவாராயிரப்படி,ஸாஷாத் ஸ்வாமியின் இருபத்துநாலாயிரபடி, ஸ்வாமி நம்பிள்ளை ஈடு இவற்றுடன் ஸ்வாமி தேசிகன் சாதித்த ட்ரமிதோபனிஷத் சாரம் & தாத்பர்ய ரத்னாவளியும் சாதிப்பார்.
    All who are interested may contact Thiru Nanda Pathangi, @thiruevvul@hotmail.com/ thiruevvul@gmail.com. Mobile 9629343599/9941513007.Tel:+ 91-44-27664603


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