Sri Stuthi – 3


The third slOkam is recited for the fulfilment of all desired wishes.


Oh SrI DEvi! When the sentient beings (dEhina:) praise You with bhakthi, the whole”blue”world celebrates them for that good deed. It is indeed Yourself, who grants them the”blue”glory of being recognized by others for their good intention and execution of the deed”blue”of praising You.

adiyEn has no refuge except You. AdiyEn is eager to eulogize You of such”blue”stupendous glories. adiyEn has no doubt about my efforts becoming fruitful. adiyEn”blue”will attain the glory of being recognized by the people of this world for my sthuthi.”blue”There is no surprise here. Who indeed will not gain all mangaLams, when he or she”blue”holds on to Your sacred feet and eulogize you. Therefore, adiyEn is also going to be”blue”blessed by You. Even if adiyEn does not have the Jn~Anam and sakthi to praise”blue”You in a befitting manner, the very desire to praise You will give me the power to”blue”complete this effort and shower adiyEn with all mangaLams.”blue”

Additional Observations on the Third slOkam:

There are three threads of thought here.

1) Bhavathee dEhibhi: sthUyamAnA sthOthvyathvam disathy.

Oh SrI Devi! As the people praise You with steadfastnees and Bhakthi, You bless them in turn to be recognized by others and also be praised by the latter. Oh SrI Devi! You elevate those who eulogize You and make them become objects of praise by others. Those who eulogize You gain an exalted status as a result of Your anugraham.

2) ThAmm ThvAmEva anitara gathi: sthOthum aasamsamAna:
siddha Aarambha: sakala-bhuvana-slAganeeya: bhavEyam

2.1: ThAmm ThvAmm: These are two words with immense evocative power in the context of SrI Devi’s vaibhavam!

“ThAmm ThvAmmEva” in Tamil means “appERppatta UnnayE” (of You alone withsuch kalyANa guNams). Continuing in Tamil, one can ask “AvaL yeppERpattavaL?” (of what special auspicious attributes does She have to be singled out?).

Those mahimais and Vaibhavams are “MaanAthetha PraTitha vibhavam” (limitless and celebrated). The whole Lakshmi Sahasra Naamam, SrI Sooktham and Lakshmi Tantram are attempts at paying their tributes to those celebrated guNams of the divine Consort of the Lord known as “SrI”

She is Bhagavathy, who is defined by the same six primary guNAs that Her Lord has: Jn~Ana, Bala, Isvarya, Sakthi, Tejas and Veeryam . She is therefore invoked in Lakshmi Sahasra Naamam with links to the six primary guNAs as follows. Please add PraNavam before each of the NaamAs:

ShADguNya PoorNAyai nama:, (Having all the 6 GuNams of BhagavAn that define Him)

tEja: prabhAvinyai nama:,
Aanandha-roopayai nama:,
MahA sakthyai nama:,
Sarva Paalinyai nama:,
thulya seelAyai nama:, (Equal to Her Lord in all aspects: Seelam, Vrutthi and
thulya vrutthAyai nama:,
thulya Moorthyai nama:
Dhana Lakshmyai nama:,
Raajya Lakshmyai nama:,
Jaya Lakshmyai nama:,
JyOthishE nama:,
Kaanthimathyai nama:,
dheeptha Moorthyai nama:,
PrANa sakthyai nama:,
SamhAra Sakthyai nama:,
LOka dhAriNyai nama:,
Visva sakthyai nama:,
Kali Naasinyai nama:,
Sahasra Sakthyai nama:,
Moksha Lakshmyai nama:,
SrImathyai nama:,
Sabdha Sakthyai nama: (power of Vedic Vaak),
dhAridhrya bhanjinyai nama:, (Destroyer of Poverty of every kind)
agha vinAsinyai nama:, (Destroyer of Sins of all magnitudes)
Jn~AnadhAyai nama:, (Grantor of true Jn~Anam)
Praj~nAyai nama:,
SamhithAyai nama:,
SarvOthkrushtAyai nama:, (YellArayum vida mEmpattavaL)
SarvathO bhadhrAya nama:,
amrutha-vahAyai nama:,
bhUthASrayAyai nama:, (One who has been sought as refuge by all Beings)
JyOthishmathyai nama:,
bhava-bhanga apahAriNyai nama:

adhbhuthAyai nama: (of wondrous, mysterious and unfathomable Vaibhavam). She is “appERpattavaL” (of such matchless loftiness). She is SarvalOka Priyankari (One who blesses the whole world with Her benevolence).

The Three coded Lakshmi Sahsra Naamams:

Three Lakshmi Sahasra Naamams speak in codes about Her guNams and give up their attempt to praise Her explicitly: “Om Kasyai nama:, Om Yasyai nama: and Om Tasyai nama:”

The choice words (queries) are Kasyai (for whom is the namaskAram?: yevaL poruttu?); Tasyai nama: (avaL poruttu= for Her of such infinite attributes). Yasyai nama: (Once again to whom are these namaskArams directed?).

They are for the athyujvalai (for the supremely radiant One). They are for Lakshmyai (for MahA Lakshmi); for VaaNyai (the consort of HayagrIvan, the avathAram of”blue”Sriman NaarAyaNan), for MedhAyai (Lakshmi with the name of MedhA = intellect),”blue”for SraddhAyai (for Lakshmi with the name of SraddhA DEvi = mahA viswaasam), for”blue”KshamAyai (for the One with immense forbearance), for Bhaktha Vaathsalyai (One”blue”who is immensely fond of Her erring children), nithyAyai (for One who is eternal, one”blue”who has no beginning, middle or end), Visva roopAyai (For one with the Universal”blue”form), for VyOma Lakshmyai (for the Divine cosort of SrI Vaikunta NaaTan residing”blue”at VyOma Puri= Sri Vaikuntam), for NaarAyiNyai (the divine consort of”blue”NarAyaNan), for Dharma-KaamArTa-MokshadhAyai (for the one who grants one or”blue”more of the PurushArTams), for SarvathO-Bhadhraayai (One who is auspicious in”blue”every direction), SarvathO-mukhyai (One who is cardinal in all tatthvams), and for”blue”that anantha Sriyai (One with infinite SrEyas).

Those Two words used by Swamy Desikan (Thaamm ThvAmm) open up thus a floodgate of remembrances about Her Vaibhavam.

2.2: Swamy Desikan continues: “(ThAmm ThvAmEva) anithara gathi: sthOthum aasamsamAna:”. Swamy Desikan adds “yEva” after “ThAmm ThvAmm” to emphasize that he wishes to eulogize Her and Her alone. Why so? Swamy Desikan”blue”explains that he is one with anithara gathi (as one with no other refuge to seek for”blue”protection = vERu puhal aRRavanAhiya naann). AdiyEn wishes hence to praise You”blue”alone (ThvAmEva sthOuthum aasamsamAna:).

2.3: “siddhArambha: sakala bhuvana SlAganeeya: bhavEyam”: Oh Bhagavathi! May”blue”adiyEn’s fledgling efforts to praise You be fulfilled (siddha aarambha:). May adiyEn”blue”as a result of such efforts to eulogize You become (bhavEyam) worthy of praise by the”blue”entire world (sakala bhuvana slAganeeyam). Thou art: “PrArTaneenAm prajAnAm”blue”SrEyOmoorthy”. Therefore this mangaLam of keerthi landing on me as Your”blue”eulogizer is bound to come adiyEn’s way. Swamy Desikan gives another reason why”blue”such boon will come his way in the concluding section of this slOkam. He asks there”blue”a rhetoric question, which has the built-in answer.”blue”

3) Rhetoric Question “Tava charaNayO: sEvA apekshA kasya srEyasE na syAth?”.”blue”Oh KalyANa Dhaayini! Oh Svasthi dakshiNA! Oh Sarva ManthrAthmikE ! For those,”blue”who wish to perform Kaimkaryam to You (“Tava CharaNayO: sEvA apEshA””blue”chEtanasya), why would not auspiciousness come their way (kasya na syAth) .”blue”Answer: Ofcourse, all mangaLams including the Keerthi (fame) as the eulogizer of SrI”blue”DEvi will come their way.

After this introduction, Swamy Desikan enters into the detailed Sthuthi of SrI Devi.

To be continued…


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