HH 45th and 46th Azhagiasingars of Sri Ahobila Mutt arrive at Thiruppullani



HH Azhagiasingars, the 45th and 46th Jeeyars of Sri Ahobila Mutt arrived at Thiruppullani by 6.30 pm today, the 29th January.

As usual, temple honours (sthalanga mariyadhai) was offered to HH Azhakiasingars at the entrance of the village. The temple Peshkar alongwith bhattar sthanikar and other kainkaryaparals offered the honour. On behalf of the Sri Matam, Sri Chellappa, Sri LIC Narayanan and Thiruppullani Sri Matam manager Sri Muthukrishnan offered the mariyadhais. At the entrance of Sri Ahobila Matam both the jeeyars were welcomed with poorana kumbha mariyadhai and mangala harathi by ladies.

Srimad Chinna Azhagiasingar was welcomed with poorana kumbha maalai mariyadhai at Srimad Andavan Ashramam where Chinna Azhagiasingar will have his Ashramam during the stay at Thiruppullani.


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