HH Srimad Azaghiyasingar 45th Pattam releases book on “Gaya Sraaddha”


H H Srimad Azaghiyasingar, 45th Pattam, recently released a book on “Gaya Sraaddha ” at Sri Ahobila Mutt Selayur.
The book is written by eminent scholar, Sri Sarma Sastrigal (in Tamil and English).

H H at the book release function, emphasised, the importance of this ritual of performomg Gaya Sraaddha and needs to be performed by every individual.
The book by the Author gives all information on performing this ritual for our departed elders.

Prominent people invited for the function including Sri S V SRaghavan Chairman(Retd ) MMTC, Srinivasan K Swamy OF R K Swamy co, Rajaji USA Ahobila Mutt were given the first copy.

With the Anugraham and blessings from Srimad Azaghiyasingars  for release of this book , Sri Sarma Sastrikgal conveyed their gratitude to Azaghiysingars.

Priced reasonably at Rs.30, the book can be purchased from Giri Trading Agency, Mylapore or from the Author.

Also one may approach Sri Sarma Sastrigal at sarmasasthrigal@gmail.com, for any assistance.

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