ThiruppAvai – Vedam anaithukkum vithu – 9


(திருப்பாவை – வேதம் அனைத்துக்கும் வித்து)

We have been seeing ParamAtma SwarUpam, the first doctrine of Artha Panchakam as expounded by AndAl in Her ThiruppAvai. This is an immense topic by itself and one can go on and on and immerse oneself with the splendor of the subject matter; however we will consider only one last theme, His inseparableness with Sridevi NAchiyAr as per Sri V. Sadagopan’s posts and PerukkAraNai SwAmi’s commentary.

Lord NarAyanan is never without His consort. In the Purusha Sukta, the Supreme Brahman is described as the Being who exists everywhere. However, at the end of this glorious Sukta, He is identified as one who has Hri (Bhudevi) and Lakshmi as His eternal consorts or attributes.

hrISca te lakshmISca patnyau

VishNu PurANam avers that Maha Lakshmi is never away from the Lord :
nityaivaishA jaganmAthA VishnO: SriranapAyinee I
YathA sarvagathO VishNu : Tathaiveyam dvijotthama II




In the MangaLa slokam of Sri Bhashyam , Acharya RaamAnujA clearly describes the Isvara Svarupam as ” Sruthi sirasi vidhEpthE Brahmani SrinivAseh ” . Here he identifies and salutes that Brahma svarUpan , who is the abode of Sri Devi .

One does not have to delve into the famous verse of ThiruvAimoshi அகலகில்லேன் இறையும் என்று அலர்மேல் மங்கை உறை மார்பா wherein NammAzwAr indicates that Lord SrinivAsan is never ever separated from His consort and She cannot bear to be without Him even for a fraction of a second.

Let us now see how this ParamAtma tatvam of the Artha Panchakam is mapped onto ThiruppAvai. Verses 9, 19, 20 and 30.

1. மாமாயன் மாதவன் வைகுந்தன் என்று (verse 9): PerukkAraNai Swami beautifully splits MAdhavan as மா+ஆயன் which addresses Gopa KumAran as one who is associated with MahA Lakshmi. He is thus Sriya: Pathi
2. உன் மைத்துனன் (verse 18) : This verse and the next one, declares the role of Nappinnai while doing SaranAgathi and thus the inseparableness of Sri from Him.
3. உன் மணாளனை (verse 19): Here NappiNai is addressed as மைத்தடம் கண்ணினாய் – this is to remind us of the importance of PurushkAratvam of thAyAr and that SaranAgathi is to be fruitful, it has to be done both PerumAl and PirAtti
4. செல்வத் திருமாலால் (verse 30): He is SrinivAsan and has limitless DayA and immeasurable wealth, indication of His association with Sridevi.

From the next post onwards we will look at the second doctrine of Artha Panchakam, the jeevAtmA swarUpam.

Azagiya Singer Thiruvadigale Saranam
AndAl Thiruvadigale Saranam

by Smt Geetha Rangarajan




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