Raghuveera Gadhyam – 16


GS 43: taraNi sutha saraNaagathi parathantrikruta SwAtantrya! Jaya! Jaya!


Hail to Thee O Lord who who sought refuge in SugreevA, the son of Sun God! You sought the friendship and help of SugreevA to find and rescue Sita dEvi. Through your act of SaraNaagathi(seeking refuge and help in a state of utter dependence) to SugreevA, You gave up your independence as the supreme Lord of the Universe and stood meekly obeying as it were the command of SugreevA.


Hanuman carried Rama and LakshmaNaa on his shoulders and brought them before his king, SugreevA. The visitors and the monkey king solemnized their friendship in front of a sacred fire lit by Hanumaan.

Now SugrivA tells Rama that he will have Sita dEvi traced out,wherever she may be and unite her to Rama. Sugreeva fetches a wrapper containing a piece of jewellery dropped by Sita from the air as she was being abducted by RavanaA. Rama is overcome with grief at the sight of the AbharaNams and shows the jewelery(Armlets, ear rings and anklets) to his brother,LakshmaNA. The response of LakshmaNA is a moving one. He says: “Dear brother! Neither do I recognize the armlets nor do I know the ear-rings, I only recognize the anklets due to my bowing at her feet every day”. Such is the mahAtmyam of Sowmithri.

The grief-stricken Rama asks for the help of the monkey king to locate the place where his beloved consort is being held in captivity by the evil RavaNA. SugreevA consoles Rama and assures Rama that he will locate RavaNa and the place where he is holding Sita in captivity.

SugreevA continues and says that he would like to offer Rama a salutary advise in a spirit of friendship and not in the spirit of moralizing. (HITAM VAYASYA BHAVENA BRAMINOPADISAAMI TEH). SugreevA advises Rama that he should not grieve and accept his friendship. Rama is consoled by the sweet words of SugreevA, wipes is tears and says meekly: “Please help me. Please command me and point out to me unreservedly what should be done by me in this effort (MAYAA CHA YADHANUSHTEYAM VISRABHDENA TADH UCHYATHAAM). This statement of Rama (KiskindA KhAndham /canto 7/ verse 20)is the source of Swami Desikan’s salutation about the PARATANTREEKRUTHA SWAATANTRYAM ASPECT OF THE SARVESWARANTO SUGREEVA.

It is amazing how Swmi Desikan zeroes in on one half a sloka in a long chapter, where Adi Kavi Valmiki dwells at length on the meeting between SugreevA and Rama.The Lord of the universe conversing with Sugreevaa as a supplicant of his help goes on and says: ” O SugreevA! Such a friend like you is difficult to get indeed, particularly at this time of my adversity.Please help me and tell me what I should do. All your desire will beaccomplished by me even as all seeds sown in a fertile field druing the rains will bear fruit……never before has a falsehood been uttered by me nor shall I ever utter it. I solemnly affirm this to you and swear by truth alone (ANRUTHAM NOKTHAPURVAM MEH NA VAKSHYEHKADHAACHANA, YETHATH TEH PRATHIJAANAAMI SATYENAIVA SAPAAMYAHAM).

This is the reference to the Bhaktha Paaratantryam or the Yathokthakaari aspect of Sri Ramachandra as revealed to us by Swami Desikan.

Sri Vaishnava Daasan,

Oppiliappan Koil Varadaachari Sadagopan

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