Pavithra Utsavam for Chakravarthy Tirumagan at Vaduvur

Pavithra Utsavam for Chakravarthy Tirumagan Vaduvur Sri Kothandaramar, is scheduled to be celebrated between December 4th and December 10th at the temple.

Pavithrotsava is derived from the combination of two words Pavithra (holy) and utsava (festival). This utsava is penitential as well as propitiatory and its main objective is to get rid of the evil that might have been caused due to omissions and commissions in the performance of various rituals throughout the year. The festival is also known as Dosha Nivaarana (error correction),Sarva Yajna Phalapradha (The One ritual that equals the holiness of rites all year long),Sarva Doshopasamana (Removal of all errors), Sarva Tushtikara, Sarvakaamapradha, Sarvalokasantida 

All are welcome to attend the event and seek the blessings of Lord Rama.

About the Temple
Sarobhoji Raja installed the archa-vigraha of Lord Rama and built this temple
Located 24kms South East of Thanjavur off the Pattukottai Highway and 14kms West of Mannargudi is the Kothandaramar temple at Vaduvur. This place is also referred to as Vakulaaranya Kshetram.
The Story
Originally this was a (Raja) Gopalan temple. Gopalan is seen facing South with Rukmini, Satyamabha and Shengamala Thaayar.
During the rule of Sarobhoji Raja of Thanjavur, it is believed that the archa-vigrahas of Rama and Sita were found under the Indian Fig Tree in the Thiruthuraipoondi Taluk. Sarabhoji Raja, whose plan it was to take it to Thanjavur, is said to have installed the deities in Vaduvur and built the Kothandaramar temple, on the request of the people of Vaduvur.
Kothandaramar, at Vaduvur, is seen as a handsome Lord (like the Raja Gopalan of Mannargudi) with a bow and arrow.
There is also a separate North Facing Sannidhi for Hayagriva.  Behind the temple to the west is a big lake.
Vedic Paatshaala
To the North of the Kothandaramar temple is the Vedic Paatshaala, started here in 2001. Vaduvur has a rich heritage and has been traditionally known for its strong Vedic Education. There is a family called ‘Puraanathaarargal’ who have been rendering ‘Bhaagavatha Paaraayanam’ for generations. About 400 years ago, the swami of Melkote is said to have come here and created his own vyakyanam of ThiruvaiMozhi (Divya Prabhandham). He was born on the same day as Ramanuja and hence was called ‘Saakshaath Swami’.
The Vedha Paatshaala in Vaduvur is an offshoot of the 85 year old Vedic Paatshaala in Mannargudi. There are currently about 50 students (including from Vizag and Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh) in the Paatshaala run by Srimad Andavan Ashram, Srirangam. Vaduvur Veera Valli Ganapadi Desikachari, who is well over 80 years, has been instrumental in imbibing Vedic knowledge into the young students for the last 50 plus years in Mannargudi and now Vaduvur.Quick Facts
Deity : Kothandaramar with Sita, Lakshmanan, Hanuman
RajaGopalan, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Shengamala Thaayar
Time : 8am-12noon, 430pm-830pm
Contact : Badri Narayana Bhattar @ 04367 225398
Festivals : Rama Navami- Brahmotsavam(Panguni, Karthigai 7 day Pavitrotsavam,
Puratasi Desigan, Hayagriva Utsavam,Vaikasi- Vasantha Utsavam for Gopalan

How to reach Vaduvur
Buses every 10-15 minutes between Thanjavur and Mannargudi. It takes about 45minutes from Thanjavur.
Can also be reached via bus from Thiruvarur and Kumbakonam via Mannargudi

Where to stay
Best to stay in Thanjavur

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