Swathi Sri Sudharshana Homam at Upper Ahobilam


Swathi Sri Sudharshana Homam was performed here today at Upper Ahobilam, on the 23rd of November 2011. Every month on Swathi Nakshatram (star) Thirumanjanam (Abhishekam) is performed for all the nine Nrisimhas (Nava Nrisimhas) of Ahobilam. A full contingent of devotees travel from Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore for this occasion. This is a special day to visit Ahobilam. You may also sponsor the Thirumanjanam. The cost is Rs. 5,000 for all nine temples. The amount is deposited in a trust called Swati Trust and used for the Thirumanjanam expenses. If you wish to sponsor a Thirumanjanam please contact the manager of Malola Guest House at 8519-232045. If you plan to attend Swati Thirumanjanam please make advance reservation for a room to stay at Ahobilam.

Traveling to Ahobilam from Chennai

Ahobilam is about 400 KM west and slightly north of Chennai. To get to Ahobila by road you will have to pass through Renigunta, Kadappa, and Allagadda. Since Thirumalai Tiruppati is on the way one might cover both Thiruppati and Ahobilam in one trip. However, the drive can be quite hectic and tiresome. The recommended mode of travel is by Train to Kadappa and by road from there. Each mode of transportation is further explained below.
By Train from Chennai to Ahobilam
Bombay mail leaves Chennai at about 9:55 p.m. and reaches Kadappa at about 3:15 a.m. You can take Bombay mail going to Chennai for the return journey. Chennai bound Bombay mail arrives Kadappa at 10:25 p.m. and leaves at 10:30. It reaches Chennai at about 5:40 a.m. Reservations may be made for round trip from Chennai to Kadappa and back. Quota for Kadappa is available in Bombay mail. From Kadappa, Ahobilam is about 100 KM. If you can afford it you can hire a taxi for the day to go to Ahobilam and return. The approximate cost would be Rs. 1000 for the round trip. If you are a group you can hire a van for a day. In either of these two cases, you will be able to finish all the Dharshan and return to Kadappa at night in time to catch Bombay mail back to Chennai.
If you are in a position to hire a taxi, you can take a bus to Ahobilam. There may be direct bus to Ahobilam, but frequency may be limited. In stead, take a bus to Allagadda, and then from Allagadda you can take another bus to Ahobilam. If you have to travel bus you may have difficulty covering all the temples in one day.
By bus from Chennai to Ahobilam
There is an overnight bus from Madras to Nandiyal leaving at about 8:00 p.m. Nandiyal is a big town past Allagadda. Buy your ticket to Allagadda. The bus will reach Allagadda at about 6 a.m. Get down at Allagadda. From Allagadda, Ahobilam is about 30 KM. Town busses ply between Allagadda and Ahobilam every 45 minutes. The last bus leaves Ahobilam to Allagadda at 9:45 p.m. You may also hire a taxi from Allagadda. The same bus returns to Chennai. It leaves Allagadda at about 7:00 a.m. Check locally for exact time. By car from Chennai to Ahobilam
The drive from Chennai is through Renigunta, Kadappa, and Allagadda. It will take about 9 to 10 hours of hard driving. Avoid night driving if you can.
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Traveling to Ahobilam from Hyderabad :

The distance between Hyderabad and Ahobilam is about 380 KM. By train, take Thungabadra Express from Hyderabad (Kacheguda) to Kurnool. This train leaves Hyderabad (Kacheguda) at 7:00 p.m. and reaches Kurnool 10:30 p.m. From Karnool, Ahobilam is about 150 KM. You may hire a taxi or take a bus for this part of the journey. The approximate cost would be Rs. 1400 for the round trip. The return train arrives Kurnool at 1:15 a.m. and reaches Hyderabad at 5:20 a.m.
You may also take a bus from Hyderabad to Allagadda. From Allagadda, Ahobilam is about 30 KM. Town busses ply between Allagadda and Ahobilam every 45 minutes. The last bus leaves Ahobilam to Allagadda at 9:45 p.m. You may also hire a taxi from Allagadda.
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Traveling to Ahobilam from Bangalore

From Bangalore, Ahobilam is about 350 K.m. The train timing is not very convenient from Bangalore. Prasant Express leaves Bangalore at 2:00 p.m. and reaches Nandiyal at about 11:50 p.m. From Nandiyal, Ahobilam is about 60 KM via Allagadda. The return train to Bangalore leaves Nandiyal at about 11:10 p.m. and reaches Bangalore at 10 a.m.
By road, the travel is via Madanapalli, Cuddapah, and Allagadda. The drive is about 7:30 hours.
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What sort of accommodation is available at Ahobilam?

Sri Ahobila Mutt maintains a Guest House called Malola Guest House. There are a total of 14 rooms, 4 single rooms, 6 double rooms, and 4 triple rooms. Of these, two double rooms and two triple rooms are air conditioned. In addition, there are 10 dormitory type rooms.
For reservations please call Badri Narayanan

Prahlaada Varadan– Swati Purappaadu

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