DVDs from Srimath Andavan Poundareekapuram Swami Asramam


DVD on SaaLagrama AarAdhanam:

An extensive and beautifully prepared DVD on SaaLagrama AarAdhanam has been released by Srimath Andavan Poundareekapuram Swami Asramam for the benefit of AastikAs . This has been prepared under the adhyaksham (Supervision and guidance) of HH Srimath ParavAkkOttai Andavan .  


DVD on Yajur Veda TrikAla Sandhyaa Vandhanam:

In addition to the above DVD, another beautiful DVD on Yajur Veda TrikAla Sandhyaa Vandhanam has also been released by Srimath Andavan Poundareekapuram Swami Asramam.

This DVD is extremely valuable since the descendant of a very ancient vaidhika family from Srirangam ( Koti KannikAdhAnam TatAchAr Vamsam) with a Doctoral degree has demonstrated the most traditional way to Perform Morning ( PrAtha: ) , Noon ( MadhyAhnika) and Evening ( Saayam ) sandhyA Vandhanam . The demonstrating Swamy is  Srirangam YezhuthirumALikai Raaya guru Koti KannikA dhAnam Dr.S. Lakshmikumara TatachAr Swamy ( M.C.A, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D).From the right way to perform Achamaneeyam , PrANAyAmam  and every other aspect of Performing SandhyA Vandhanam all the way to Saativika ThyAgam is included in this DVD . Both the DVDs are in Tamil.   


How to get them?

Bhagavathas in USA or Canada can acquire the DVDs from Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha by sending an email to vvraghuja@hotmail.com.

Those in India can purchase the DVDs either from Sri Nrusimhapriya Office, Mylapore, Chennai or from Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam’s Srirangam premises at the following address.

Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam,
43-A/13, Asramam Road,
Trichy 620 006
Ph : 0431-2436100

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  1. sir, i would like to buy one DVD of saalagrama aaradhana. Pl
    send the same to the fallowing address by courier.
    krishnaiyengar #240-7th B main 4th block,3rd stage
    Basaveshwar nagar Bengaluru 560079
    phone land 080-23583317 mobile 9740365417


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