Vedanta Deepam kalakshepam to celebrate SriBashyakarar’s 1000th Thirunakshatram


Sri Nandha Pathangi swami of TiruEvvuL is trying to bring together a 1000 SriVaishnavas to undergo Vedanta Deepam kalakshepam to celebrate SriBashyakarar’s 1000th Thirunakshatram. His idea is to bring people, who are otherwise in loukeeka life, into formal education on SriRamanuja Darsanam, so that we can be appreciative of the Philosophical foundation of our glorious Sampradayam.

The details of the programme are given below. The classes are primarily online for a period of 2 years, with textual material circulated, and a couple of books distrubuted to the enrolled.

Pathangi Swami has requested SriAhobilaMutt’s Asthana Vidwan Sri U.Ve. Mannargudi Rajagopalachar Swami to conduct the oral sessions and supervise this programme.




The programme commenced on Vijayadasami day (06 October 2011) with AzhwAn’s SriVaradarajaStavam, and classes on Deepam are expected to begin in Nov/Dec 2011.

The current gathering of people are associated with a group in Facebook

The fees include the study material and Acharya Sambavanai. Enrollment of atleast a 100 people is needed for this programme to go through the length. The first installment that is required, is expected to cover printing charges for Uttamur Swami’s Tamil Vyakyanam to Vedanta Deepam.

Vedanta Deepam Class consists of
1. MADDHA SARA SANGRAHAM of D. T. Thathachariar swamy
4. VARADARAJASTHAVAM of Koorathazvan with PBA swamy commentary
5. RANGARAJASTHAVAM Uttara satakam slokams 1 to 27 with PBAswamy urai
6. VEDANTHA DEEPAM WITH COMMENTARY in Tamil by Uttamur Swamy. & with English Translation by Sri.K.Bashyam.

The time frame set for the completion of the above six are 2 years @ two classes of 1 hr 30 mts, duration each per week.
7. Simultaneously EEDU Thinnan veedu 2-2, EMMAVEEDU 2-9 and ONRUM DEVU 4-10 to be completed  @ one class per week of 1 hr 30 mts time. It may take 400 man hours in 2 years.
The total charges will be Rs.3500 per person. Rs.1500 to be paid initially and the balance Rs.2000 in 2 parts as the classes progress.
Please remit this amount to Sri Bakthisara Pathangi Rangaramanuja Educational Trust A/c No. 07353010000 12894 of Sri Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd., Tiruvallur Branch.IFSC code LAVB 0000735
Or, a cheque Drawn in favour of Sri Bakthisara Pathangi Ranga ramanuja educational trust and forward the same to PRR Mini hall,22, Dhanalakshmi street,MGM Nagar, Tiruvallur-602001
Please call Sri Nanda Pathangi for any no.+91-9629343599

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