PeyAzhwAr Avathara Uthsavam


Today 5th of November 2011 is Peyazhwar Thiru Nakshatram. Avathara Uthsavam of Peyazhwar has been celebrated at various divya desams and abhimana stalams today.

PeyAzhwAr is the third of the Mudhal AzhwArs. He was born in Mylapore (Maada Maamayilai) inside a red lotus flower blooming in the well at AdhikEsava PerumAL Koil as the amsam of the Lord’s Sword (Nandhakam).

This AzhwAr was PerumAL-obsessed (pitthan )and hence was called pEy AzhwAr. Just like PeriyAzhwAr, he was able to have the direct sevai of PerumAL effortlessly through his Parama Bhakthi. He performed mangaLAsAsanam for PerumAL, ThAyAr and PerumAL’s weapons at ThirukkOvalUr just as PeriyAzhwAr did at Then Mathurai. pEy AzhwAr is considered as an AchAryan for Thirumazhisai AzhwAr in our sampradhAyam.

We have to remember three gems of spiritual experience of God in pEy AzhwAr’s prabhandham : (1) The Supreme Lord is Sriman NaarAyaNan possessing Sri Devi in His divine heart (2) He is the most beautiful and satisfying Being and (3) He is the most tender healer of of all sorrows and abolisher of sins and fear of samsAram as well as granter of Moksham .

In the very first verse of AzhwAr moonRaam ThiruvanthAthi- pEyAzhwAr describes with exultation the great joy of the seeing the Lord with Sri Devi and His dhivya aayudhams (weapons):

திருக்கண்டேன் பொன்மேனி கண்டேன் * திகழு

மருக்கனணிநிறமுங் கண்டேன்* செருக்கிளரும்

பொன்னாழி கண்டேன் புரிசங்கங் கைக்கண்டேன்*

என்னாழி வண்ணன்பா லின்று


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