Brahmotsavam at Sri Venkateswara Mandir, New Delhi


The supreme lord, Sriman Narayana, the consort of Sri, has manifested Himself in the archa form in temples, out of compassion making himself available for the ordinary people to seek benefits. He is present in this temple as Sri Venkateswara, just as He is in Tirumala. Regular pujas and festivals are conducted here in accordance to the agama shashtras. The most important among these is the Brahmotsavam celebrated durin the tamil month of Purattasi coinciding with the Brahmotsavam at Tirumala. It has acquired this name as it was originally conducted by Brahma himself for worshipping the almighty. This year Brahmotsavam was celebrated from September 26, 2011 to October 7, 2011 at the temple. The Brahmostsavam began with the invoking of the Lord in agni  (sacred fire), kumba (sacred water) and madala vedi (alter of earth). During this festival, offerings were made to the sacrificial fire both in the morning and evening. The moolava moorthy, utsav moorthi along with His consorts were decorated with ornaments and flower garlands. After the poornahuti ( the final offering to the sacrificial fire), Perumal and His consorts were taken out in different vahanas around the area so that He graces people living around the temple. Scholars accompanied Perumal reciting the vedas and the hymns of azhwars (Divya Prabandham). Further, Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam, Sribashyam of Sri Ramanujacharya and strotras of Sri Nigamantha Mahadesikan were also recited. The following was the programme for the Brahmotsavam.. Brahmotsavam Programme (September 26-October 7, 2011)




September 26


Selvar Koothu (evening)

September 27


Ankurarpanam, Somakumba sthapanam & Garuda prathishta (evening)

September 28


Dwajarohanam and procession in Chappram (morning);

Mahakumbhasthapanam poornahuti and bheri thadanam; Procession in Simha Vahanam (evening)

September 29


Poornahuti and procession in Surya Prabha (morning);

Poornahuti and procession in Hamsa Vahanam (evening)

September 30


Poornahuti and procession in Garuda Vahanam (morning);

Poornahuti and procession in Hanumantha Vahanam (evening)

October 1


Poornahuti and procession in Sesha Vahanam (morning);

Poornahuti and procession in Chandra Prabha (evening)

October 2


Poornahuti and procession in Nachiar Thirukolam (morning);

Poornahuti and procession in Yali (evening)

October 3


Poornahuti and procession in Venugopala Sevai (morning);

Poornahuti and procession in Gaja Vahanam (evening)

October 4


Poornahuti and Rathotsavam (morning);

October 5


Poornahuti and procession in Vennai Thazhi in Doli (morning);

Thotti Thirumanjanam (evening)

Procession in Kudhirai Vahanam (evening)

Visesha sayanam (evening)

October 6


Procession in Palki and Pranaya Kalaham – Theetha Vari and Satha Kalasa Thirumanjanam (108 kalasam) (morning and afternoon)

October 7


Dwadasa Aradhanam (morning);

Procession – Kedayam (evening)

Dwajavarohanam and Sattumurai (evening)

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