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On the Occasion Of the Centenary Celebrations of Srimadh Abhinava Ramanuja Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swami, The Souvenir and DVD’s (that has the Thiruvaradhana Visuals of Srimadh Abhinava Ramanuja Parakala Swami) was released by The Present Acharya @ Sri Parakala Matam , Mysore on 4th Sep 2011.

Some of the highlights of THE SOUVENIR – ‘ACHARYA SAMBHAVANA’ and the DVD’s are

1.) The Souvenir Contains 500+ pages of quality articles from Maha Vidwans from all over the world in 5 languages – Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamizh, Telugu and English.

2.) More than 200 photos of Parakala swAmy (very rare photos) in art paper
and SrI Parakalamutt guru parampara vaibhavam – with each yathi’s photos (in art paper, in best quality) with a biography of them – This section has around 100 pages,.

3.) Sri Hayagriva Avataram ,Parakala Mutt – Evolution and History in English.

4.) Selected Rare works of our Purvacharya’s ( 1st, , 21st , 30th , & 31st Parakala Swamis) with English Commentaries.

6.) DVD which contains Thiruvaradhanam by Srimadh Abhinava Ramanuja Swamy (35th Petadhipati) . (Available for sale Now..)

7.) DVD of the Centenary Celebrations to be Sold.(Available after the event )

Within India: Souvenir – Rs. 300 With Additional Postage charges of 150 Rs (as the weight of the book is more than 1 Kg) Discounted price is Rs.250/- between 4th and 9th Sep, 2011.

8.) DVD’s – Each Costs Rs.100 with postage charges -within South India – Rs.50 North India- Rs.70
*Devotees ordering both will have to pay just Rs.150 for Postage.*

**Outside India :Cost of Souvenir – 10 $ and cost of both the DVD – 5 $

Interested devotees please contact Sri Parakala Mutt for further details.

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