Navarathri Special: Golu 2013


As part of the Navarathri celebrations, everyone, particularly in South India, keeps Golu in their houses on Mahalaya Amavasai which is an auspicious day. This year, Navarathri celebrations began on October 4, 2013; Vijaya varusha Purattasi 18am naal (Mahalaya Amavasai).

Golu is generally kept in odd number of steps (padi) [3, 5, 7, 9 or 11] for nine nights. Ladies of the house set up the Golu with a lot of involvement and exhibit their handicrafts and toys (made of clay and wood) arranged aesthetically. This is a modest way for them to use their imagination and display their skill and vision of various themes. Women visit each other home during this time from the day following Mahalaya Amavasai. Thamboolam is given to sumangalis as its considered very auspicious particularly during this period. Women make varied kolams and light lamp (Villakku) in front of the Golu in the morning and evening similar to that done for the Athu Koil Azhwar (home deity).

golu2Different types of sundals and sweets are prepared for amsai and distributed as prasadams to guests and visitors. The guests are insisted on showing their talent during this time through various means including singing or playing (instruments) carnatic music in front of the Golu among other things.

During this Vijaya Varusha Navarathri, readers of Anudinam are invited to showcase their Athu Golu in Anudinam. Kindly send us photographs of Golu kept in your house or nearby temples with a brief description along with your name and location to get it published. These details must be mailed to

Here is showcasing the Golu of some of the Anudinam readers…

Golu at Sri Kannan Vasan Battar’s Kudil At Therazundur

Golu_00 Golu_01

Golu at Vanamamalai Divya Desam, Nanguneri

Golu at Vanamamalai

Golu at Thriuvallur Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Divya Desam

As a part of Vijaya Varusha Navarathri Uthsavam, for the first time Golu was organised at Sri Kanakavalli Nayika Sametha Sri Veeraraghava Swamy Temple. The Kolu was organised on a Thematic concept of Avatars of Vishnu, showcasing 1) the Origin and significance of Sri Vaidya Veeraraghavar, 2) Dasavatharam, 3) Ramar Pattabishekam and 4) Krishna Leelas. In the words of a Bhakta: “The golu was scintillating and marvellous.”

Golu_30 Golu_24 Golu_23 Golu_21 Golu_13 Golu_12 Golu_29 Golu_28 Golu_27 Golu_26 Golu_25 Golu_22 Golu_20 Golu_18 Golu_17 Golu_16 Golu_15 Golu_14 Golu_10 Golu_06 Golu_05 Golu_03 Golu_02 Golu_01 Golu_00

Golu at Smt Godhanagesh’s Kudil At Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore

We have been collecting these dolls for the last 15 years. The dolls are from different parts of the world. Ninety per cent of them are from different states of India.

Golu_00 Golu_01 Golu_02 Golu_03 Golu_05

Golu at Sri K Rangarajan’s Kudil At Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai

Golu_01 Golu_03 Golu_06 Golu_04 Golu_05

Golu at Sri Kausthub’s Kudil 

golu golu1

Golu at Smt Priya Viswanath’s Kudil At Medavakkam, Chennai

I am keeping Golu for the past 12 years. This year apart from the traditional 5 step Golu i have kept a theme golu called festivals of India and also a day in a village. Emphasis is given to hand made dolls mostly made by us. All family members take an active part in arranging the golu.

golu1 golu2 golu3 golu4 golu5golu6

Golu at Sri VS Srikanth’s Kudil At Chennai

Golu_1 Golu_3 Golu_2

Golu at Sri Periyamarai Setlur Kasturirangan Srikanth’s Kudil At Singapore

We have chosen Paratvadhi Panchakam, a short and beautiful sthotram composed by Sri Nadadoor Ammal, as the theme for the Kolu. Five steps depicting the five Nilais of Sriman Narayanan can be viewed in the Golu.

golu_00golu_01 golu_05 golu_15 golu_09 golu_19 golu_24golu_26 golu_25golu_23 golu_20

Golu at Smt Kousalya Rengarajan’s Kudil At Nanganallur, Chennai

The main theme this year is Srimath Ramayanam and Sri Krishna Leela.

golu golu1 golu2.1 golu3 golu4.1 golu4

Golu at Kudil of Bhuma Vijay & Janaki Krishnan At Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Theme – Festivals of Tamil Nadu

Golu_00 Golu_01 Golu_02 Golu_03 Golu_04 Golu_05 Golu_06 Golu_07 Golu_08

Golu at Kudil of Gokul Nedumaram At Mississauga, Canada

In this Navarathri Golu, a humble try on portraying Swami Desikan’s Navamani Malai as the theme.

Golu at Kudil of Govinda Bhattar & Madhava Bhattar Tirumaligai, Srirangam


Golu_04 Golu_05 Golu_06 Golu_09 Golu_10

Golu at Kudil of Doddachariar Tirumaligai, Srirangam

Golu_01 Golu_03 Golu_04 Golu_07 Golu_09 Golu_11 Golu_12 Golu_02

Golu at Kudil of  Vyjayanthi Sundararajan, Srirangam

Golu_00 Golu_03 Golu_04 Golu_07 Golu_01