In a modest attempt to share and disseminate srivaishnava sampradayic knowledge and information, was launched in November 2011. In these two years we have covered 1000s of utsavams from various Divya Desams and Abhimana Sthalams. The reach of the website has crossed more than 30 lakh visits. Today, the website hosts more than 100,000+ photographs, 1000s of articles, Sthala puranams, etc. Needless to say, this has been possible by the enthusiasm and constant feedback from our readers. As you all might be aware, anudinam is a non-commercial website, along with and other upcoming sampradayic website projects.

The expenses of covering the utsavams and hosting audio, video, photographs etc..has been mounting and runs to several lakhs of rupees. As the coverage and amount of information being hosted is expanding manifold, we now seek the support of Astikaas to help us continue our service and further improve by contributing to the extent possible to our Sripadam Trust.

Contributors outside India may use Paypal or bank transfers, and those inside India may contribute via bank transfer as per the details provided below.

Thanks for your contributions and support

Bank Details
  • Axis bankAccount Number : 913020016721910
  • Name : Sripadam Trust
  • Bank : Axis Bank
  • Branch : Coimbatore Branch
  • IFSC code: UTIB0000090
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