Brahmotsavam In Sri Koodalazhagar Temple


08 June 2022, Subhakruth Varusha, Vaikasi maasa-25, Wednesday;

Varshika Vaikasi Brahmotsavam commenced in Sri Vyuha Sundararajaperumal(Koodalazhagar)Temple at Thirukoodal on 4th June 2022, with Mritsangrahanam in the evening hours. On 5th June 2022, Dwajarohanam was conducted in the early morning, followed by different Sathupadi in different  vahanam every day.

On First day, Koodal Azhagar, adorned as Nachiyar, gave darshan in Hamsa vahanam. On day-2, Azhagar mounted on Simha vahanam, gave darshan to the devotees. On Day-3, Koodal Azhagar adorned as Sri Rama, mountedon Hanumantha vahanam blessed the devotees.

Photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri Srinivasan

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