Deepavali Thirumanjanam for Sri Malolan at Mylapore Ahobila Mutt camp


04 November 2021, Plava varusha, Aippasi-18, Thursday;

On this Deepavali festival, festival of lights, celebrations was in a grand manner in Mylapore Ahobila mutt camp. Early morning, Thirumanjanam was performed for Sri Malolan, after which the thirumanjana oil was distributed to the awaited devotees who thronged to receive the oil prasadam for Ganga Snanam today early morning. Deepavali Aradhanam for Sri Narasimhar was performed in the early morning. The whole event was graced by the augment presence of 46- pontiff of Ahobila Mutt, HH Srivann Srimad Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikan Swami. All the devotees enthusiastically participated in this special thirumanjanam and celebrated Deepavali.

Today, generally there is practise of wishing by asking each other whether they have taken “Ganga Snanam”. The reason behind this is, there is a belief in Hindu mythology that, Goddess Lakshmi is present in oil and Holy river Ganga is present in the every drop of hotwater today early morning. So, it is very special holy bath today, which equals taking holy bath in River Ganga.

All the Sishyas of Ahobila Mutt got the blessings of Sri Malolan and Jeer Swami on this auspicious day.

Photos captured during the event can be viewed below:

Photo courtesy: Sri. Pazhaveri Sriraman

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