Chitrai Hastham: Tiruavathara Utsavam At Kanchi Devaraja Perumal Temple



April 20th 2016 that is Durmukhi Chitrai Hastham was a great day in Kanchipuram why? This was the Day Varadaraja Perumal chose to rise out of the yagya kundam of Brahma’s Ashvamedha Yagyam. The Day began at Brahma muhurtham and the Attigiri Hill was filled with the auspicious notes of Vedam, Divya prabhandham and stotras. It was a privilege to be present in Kanchi on this auspicious Day. Deva Perumal  is full of saulabhyam. He is absolutely approachable and loves to have people around Him.

After listening to the Praises sung by devotees and the distribution of Theertham/,Srisathari Stotrapadal took place. Then at about 9.30 He descended to mount the ‘Indra-vimanam’ stationed near swami Desikan sannidhi. As usual the purappadu began with offering of Srisathari to Swami Desikan. It was an awesome sight to behold  “The King of  Creation, The Grantor of boons, The Darling of Kanchi” on the golden vimanam travel on Sannidhi Street, West and North Mada street to reach the “avathara utsava bunalow” on North Mada Street. Painted brightly with prominent Tiruman the building catches attention any day. Chitra Hastham is its special Day for the bungalow has the privilege of having Varadaraja Perumal the whole day. Perumal along with Sri and Bhu enjoys Tirumanjanam at about 1.30 and starts on His sojourn of North, East, South Mada veedhis, Anaikati theru and Sannidhi Street before returning to the temple. The residents sprinkled cold cow dung water and made elaborate kolams to greet Perumal on His avathara day happy to have Him stand infront of their houses and  accept fruits and dry fruits and sugar candy. Let us sing with swami Desikan” Long Live Arulalan, Long Live Attigiri!

Kanchi_Avathara_01 Kanchi_Avathara_26 Kanchi_Avathara_02 Kanchi_Avathara_03 Kanchi_Avathara_06 Kanchi_Avathara_25 Kanchi_Avathara_07 Kanchi_Avathara_08 Kanchi_Avathara_09 Kanchi_Avathara_10 Kanchi_Avathara_11 Kanchi_Avathara_20 Kanchi_Avathara_18 Kanchi_Avathara_24 Kanchi_Avathara_19 Kanchi_Avathara_13 Kanchi_Avathara_14 Kanchi_Avathara_15 Kanchi_Avathara_16 Kanchi_Avathara_23 Kanchi_Avathara_17 Kanchi_Avathara_21 Kanchi_Avathara_22

Writeup by: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan & Photography: Sri Ranganathan & Sri Krishna Durai


  1. Our forefathers are from Kanchipuram namely Sri Devaraja Bhattar.We live in Bangalore,Karnataka. For the past 45 years we are doing flying visits during Brahmarathotsava and we did not had the opportinity to see all the Utsavas. Now by the grace of Lord Varadaraja we are having the privilege of seeing the photos and beautiful write up of these utsavas. Our heartfelt thanks and vandanams to the writer and photographer.

  2. I daily pray to lord Varadha in the evenigs through sri vedantha desika’s Athigiri mahathmiyam.When i saw His images through ANUDHINAM.ORG.i am very exited thanks alot

  3. I wish the Avathra Utsavam function of Lord Varadaraja is videographed from the beginning i.e. from the start of the puruppadu of the deity to the Bunglow at North mada street, the tirumanjanam there and evening purappadu of the deity back to the temple.


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