Sri Desikan And Divya Desangal Part 5 – Calendar Release


Sri Desika Dharshini is proud to launch “Sri Desikan and Divya Desangal Part-5 Calendar” along with a book – Ayindai Maanagar Amarndhaanae. The calendar is titled “Nin Vadivazhagai Maravaadhaar Piravaadhaarae” from Navamanimaalai. This year calendar speaks about 5 forms of Emperumaan viz. Param, Vyuham, Vibhavam, AntaryAmi and Arca. Swami Shri Desikan mangalaasaasana slokams are taken from various granthams.

The calendar has always very beautiful photos and content. All are invited to purchase it for yourself and bandhus. One can buy in bulk and present it to friends/family for any functions.

The launch function is on April 14th 2016 at 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm at Panigraha Kalyana Mantapam, Arya Gowda Road, West Mambalam, Chennai.

The following is the detailed Utsava Patrikai:


Interested persons can get this calendar from One can pre-order this calendar by clicking the given link Dhurmuki 2016

Courtesy: Sri Aasuri Lakshmi Narasimhan


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