Pallava Utsavam At Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple – Day 5



The fifth day of Pallava utsavam that is March 31st 2016(Panguni Pooradam) was celebrated yatha-vidhi at Kanchi Sri Varadarajaperumal koil. After Pranatharthihara Varadan and Sri Varadan with Consorts had occupied the mandapam inside the hundred pillared mandapam the reading of ‘Hasthigiri Mahatmyam’ started. First a synopsis of the previous day is presented and the reading continues for two hours. The greatness of Satyavrathakshetram and the boon giving Varadan’s glory was read. The story of Mahashantha tapothara was read.

At about 2.30p.m.Pallava offering ceremony took place after the offering of saffron paste, sandal paste, perfumed flowers etc. The curtains came down with the bringing in of two beds.

At 5.45p.m the drummer went behind the screen and did soft beats on the drum to wake up the Lord. Then the seven yellow screens were removed and panchanga patanam took place. Evening Tiruvaradhana took place followed by Theertham, Srisathari and prasada viniyogam. At this point of time we had a Divine Visitor. Yathothkari Perumal in ‘Surya-Prabhai’ gave darsan to devotees and we felt doubly blessed.

Pranatharthihara Varadan came in an open flower palanquin and after drishti removal (a dhothi is torn into half rolled and thrown left and right). After karpoora harathi and fruit offerings at Tondaradipodi He went inside and ascended the steps of the ‘kanadi- arai’ mandapam while devotees chased Him to have a last glance before the curtains were drawn.

Then it was time for Varadan’s purappadu on sannidhi street and return to ‘kanadi-arai’ for the night.

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The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_13 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_09 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_19 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_10 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_04 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_01 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_00 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_02 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_05 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_06 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_07 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_08 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_11 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_12 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_14 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_15 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_16 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_17 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_18 Kanchi-Sri-Devarajaswami_20

Photos: Sri Tirumundi Krishnan, Sri Thoopullkulamanievr, Sri Krishna Durai, Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


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