Nagaresu Kanchi (Thiruvelukkai – The Abode of Kamasika Hari)



‘Kama’ means desire and ‘ asika’ means seated. So Kamasika means Seated by His own desire (Swasankalpam). In Tamil Vel-wish and irrukkai means seated. Tiru refers to Lakshmi(Sri) who is inseperable from Perumal. Put together we get Tiruvellukai which means the Abode chosen by Perumal and Pirrati by Their Sankalpam. But locals know this place a Azhaghiasingar temple only. Incidentally it is Nrisimhan who is known as Azhaghiyan or Sundarasimhan. This Perumal has been sung about by Peyazhwar and Tirumangaiazhwar.

This divyadesam is in Vishnu Kanchi about 3/4 km from Ashtabhujakaram temple.  One can engage an auto from Varadaraja Perumal temple and cover Asthbhujam, Singarkoil and Thoopul. Swami Desikan begins his ‘Kamasikashtakam’ by telling us that The Lord who is the subject of ‘The Vedas’ has chosen to reside to the South of Vegavathi prefering it to Srivaikuntam.

It was to this place chosen by Sri Nrisimha that we went to one Friday morning after worshipping at Thoopul. What struck us about the temple was the cleanliness. Every sannidhi and the surroundings were spic and span. After offering prostrations at the dwajasthambam we stopped at Garudazhwar sannidhi before entering the main temple.  The temple follows vaikanasa agama. As we entered we saw  the divyamangala vigrahas of SriRamaparivaram, Senai mudaliar, and Peyazhwar, Periazhwar, Nammazhwar, Tirumangaiazhwar, Ramanujacharya and Manavalamamunigal. At the sanctumsanctorum were Moolavar  Yoga Nrisimhan  and utsavar Mukundanayakan flanked by Sridevi and Bhudevi. Seated in paryankabandham Yoga Nrisimha residing in the cave of Hathigiri is said to have proceeded west to destroy the demons disrupting Brahma’s Ashvamedhayaagam and decided to stay there and bless devotees. His vimanam goes by the name Kanaka vimanam and the theertham is known as kanaka theertham. Swami Desikan describes Him as the Three Eyed Lord who destroys our tapatrayams. The sun, the moon and the fire are His three Eyes and our tapatrayas are Adhiatmikam Adhibhoudhikam, and Adhideivakam. Swami Desikan declares  that The Lord who assumed the Face of a lion is our only Relative(Nrisimha is our Father, Mother, Brother, Friend and every possible relation). He appears Ferocious to the wicked and Merciful to the devotee at one and the same time. Swami Desikan avers that if He decides to Protect none can stop Him and if He decides not to protect there is none who can Protect. In sum He alone is the Protector.

Having had darshan of such a Merciful Lord we proceeded to Thayar Sannidhi. Seated on a silver lotus Amrithavalli Thayar /Vellukavalli Thayar gave Her divyakataksham and we felt blessed to get theertham, Srisathari and flowers at Her sannidhi on that Friday morning.

We then went around in pradakshinam at the outer praakaram stopping at the sannidhi of Andal ,Chakrathazhwar sannidhi where there were many yaaga kundams. We spotted a garden which was labelled Prahlada Thottam(Prahlada’s garden) which was locked at that time but seemed to be decently maintained. There were kolams painted all around and there was no litter to be found anywhere. We then requested Raja Bhattar swami to tell Anudinam readers about the temple and he was good enough to take time off after the temple was closed to tell us about the temple management, daily pujas, special occasions and other details. What struck us about the temple was the enthusiasm of the bhattar swami and how he manages the temple by involving devotees who are focussed on kainkaryam without expectation of monetary returns. Like Prahladha who never sought anything these devotees will undoubtedly be rewarded by Kamasika Kesari.

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Photos & Videos: Sri Sundararajan and Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


  1. Here I would like to point out one more thing….not only the temple is clean….but also the batter swamigal…I am living in Kanchipuram and so I often went to this temple…If I ask the batter swamigal,…”Anything you need??? ” No…No…I want only yr.visit…Perumal Niraya Koduththu Irukkar”…that is his reply….such a great man.

  2. It is nice to hear the sthala puranam from Battachair ,wounderful write-up from Smt.vyjayanthi Rajan and beautiful photography from Sri.Sundararajan.I was there with my family on 1st week of November ,only 10 minutes. It’s my longtime desire( throug Peyazwar ‘s Pasuram mannagaram Mamada Velukkai) to visit Thiruvelukkai. I am reading this web page again and again. It is a wounderful Kainkaryam to all of you. Thanks to Anudinam too.

  3. நமஸ்காரம்!
    மதிட்கச்சி வேளுக்கை யாளரி என்னும், முன்கஞ்சைக் கடந்தானை நெஞ்சமே! காண் என்னும் ஆழ்வார்கள் மங்களாசாசனம் செய்த ஆச்சர்யமான திவ்ய தேசம்.

    கைங்கர்யமே பிரதானம் என்பதற்கு சாட்சியாய், முன்னுதாரனமாய் நிற்பது இந்த திவ்ய தேசத்தின் சிறப்பு..

    நம்மை எதற்க்காக பெருமாள் ச்ருஷ்டி பண்ணி இருக்கார் என்று நம்ம ஒவ்வொருவரும் யோசிக்கணும், எது பிரதானம் என்று நம் மனது உணர வேண்டும், இது போன்ற பட்டாச்சார்ய ஸ்வாமிகள் தொடர்பு ஏற்படுத்தி கொள்ளுங்கள், சாஸ்தரங்கள் நமக்கு உரைத்ததை சரியாக உணர்ந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்.

    ஒழிவில் காலமெல்லாம் உடனாய் மன்னி, வழுவிலா அடிமை செய்வோம்!


  4. Last year I was doing parayana of Sri Vedanta Desikasa’ s strotra of Kamashika Hari and with out any planning on my part I visited ThiruVellukkai kshetram. Another interesting experience. When I brought vastram, the temple was almost closed and when I was about to leave it at Garudar sannithi. Battar Swamy noticed and took me to shop where I bought, to get a quality vastram (without paying extra) for perumal and Thayar, as he felt we should offer the best to Lord and also should not be deceived by greedy store owners. I returned home happily.


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