Thoopul Swami Desikan Manmadha Varusha Margazhi Sravana Purappadu And Thirumanjanam



On January 12th 2016, Margazhi Sravanam was celebrated yatha-vidhi at Thoopul. The day happened to coincide with ‘Koodaraivelumshir Govinda’ the 27th Tiruppavai pasuram day and the eighth day of Andal’s ‘Neeraatu utsavam’ at Varadaraja Perumal temple. Swami Desikan visits Perumal-koil every Sravanam. This Sravanam swami waited till Andal Veedhi purappadu was over and as Andal was on the oonja (swing) we got news that swami was arriving. So residents rushed home to open the doors to receive the greatest of acharyas. Water was sprinkled, kolams were made and the plate was readied with fruit offerings and camphor. Swami always invokes awe and evokes humilty in us. What sukrutham we must have done to have him as an acharyan? After returning to Thoopul, Tirumanjanam was done elaborately to DeepaPrakasar with Ubhayanachimars and swami Desikan.  After tirumanjanam Perumal Theertham, SriSathari sumptuous prasadam was distributed to the devotees present.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:

Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_00 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_01 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_02 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_03 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_04 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_06 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_07 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_08 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_09 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_10 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_11 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_12 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_13 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_14 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_15 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_16 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_17 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_18 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_19 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_20 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_21 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_22 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_23 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_24 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_25 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_26 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_27 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_28 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan_29

Photos & Video Courtesy: Sri Sundararajan & Write- up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


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