Srivilliputhur Sri Nachiyar Kovil Pagal Pathu Utsavam- Day 2 and Day 3



Pagal Pathu Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Srivilliputhur Sri Nachiyar Kovil. On December 12th 2015, being Day 2 Utsavam, Sri Perumal and Thayar and Sri Andal and Azhwars had beautiful alangaram and at 2 pm Thiruppavai Sevai was performed. Grand satrumurai and Sevakalam took place with arulicheyal and Parayana Ghosti and similarly on the Day 3 Utsavam. Later Theertham, Satari was distributed to the devoteees. Many Bakthas participated and received the blessings of Divyadampathis, Sri Andal and Azhwars.

To view the Day 1 Utsavam please visit: Pagal Pathu Utsavam Commences At Srivilliputhur Sri Nachiyar Kovil

The following are the photos taken during the utsavam:

Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil00 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil03 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil08 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil11 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil07 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil12 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil13 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil01 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil04 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil05 Srivilliputhur-Sri-Nachiyar-Kovil06

Courtesy: Arayar Sri Bala Mukunthachariar


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