Thiruvellukai Sri Azhagiyasingaperumal Temple-Sudarshana Jayanthi


Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_29On June 26th 2015 ; Manmatha varusha Aani Chithirai; Sudarshana Jayanthi was celebrated in grand mannner at Thiruvelukkai Divya Desam. As Moolavar is Yoga Narasimhar, There is seperate Sannadhi for  Chakrathazhwar  at Thiruvelukkai Divya Desam. Chakrathazhwar moorthi is different  as there is no Narasimhar on the back side. There is a Chakram behind with a lion on each side of the chakram. In the Morning at 10:30 a.m Thirumanjanam was performed to Chakrathazhwar and Prasada Viniyogam was done to devotees. Later in the evening Chakrathazhwar gave darshan in vishesha alankaram.

These are some of the photos taken during the Occasion…

Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_1 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_6 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_7 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_9 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_11 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_12 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_10 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_13 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_2 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_4 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_3 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_14 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_18 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_20 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_21 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_19 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_24 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_23 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_22 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_26 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_25 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_28 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_15 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_27 Thiruvellukai_Sudharshana Jayanthi_29

Courtesy: Sri Varadharajan Arul



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