Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 19


Sri Namperumal sevaiAmalanadhipiran Upanyasam  by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan) Day-19  Pasuram-9 (contd.)

Amalanadhipiran Pasuram 9

On 7/5/2015 Ubha Ve, Dr, Lakshmi kumara Tatachariar swami started on the 9th pasuram of Amalanadhipiraan.This pasuram can be termed as’ Vatapatrasayee anubhavam’ (Perumal lying on the Big Banyan Leaf). Everything about Srirangam is Big. The temple is ‘ Periya koil’, Perumal is ‘Periya Perumal’ Thayaar is ‘Periya Piratti’ and  the thaligai offering (nivedanam) goes by the name ‘Periya Avasaram’. So also He lies down on ‘Periya Ilai’ (Big Leaf). When Dasaratha invited his council of ministers to discuss Rama’s yuvaraja pattabhishekam ,His shoulders are described as ‘Maha Bahu’. Everything for Perumal is Big and ‘The Best’ His Gajam is Big, His Chatthram( two umbrellas) are Big and He is Mahaparakramashali.He is adressed as ‘Oru Balakanay’ meaning He is A Unique Child. He has no parallel . He is ‘Adwithiyeen'( no second). This Baby has no parents. His lying on the Big Banyan Leaf is symbolic of His’ Paratvam’ and Balakan is symbolic of His Soulabhyam. His swallowing of seven worlds shows His ‘Paratvam’ and ‘Arangattaravin anaiyan’ shows His Soulabhyam. In Swami Desikan’s ‘ Hamsa Sandesham’ the hamsa  (swan) is sent as a messenger by Rama to Seetha. Mangalasasanam of Tiruvellarai desam is done. The swan then spots Chandra Pushkarni and Sesha Peetam. Seshan came to Srirangam before Ranganatha just as Balarama did avatharam before Krishna. Just as everything about Ranganatha is ‘Periya’, His gem-studded chains and necklaces are Big as indicated by ‘kola ma mani aaram’,’ma muttu aaram.'(The ‘ma’ Big holds good for both malas) ‘Ma’ can also be interpreted as beyond count. Ornaments  do not add to His Beauty , they assume beauty because they adorn Him.’Mudivillador ezil’ talk of His Endless Kalyanagunams. the Eternal Beauty which captivates us and one never feels satiated. His ‘Neela Tirumeni’ makes Tiruppanazhwar exclaim ‘aiyyo’ again.Here Tiruppanazhwar expresses ‘Fulfilment’ and keeps the ‘Enthralling Form’ in His mindbut at the same time fears that the experience will be over.

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